Monday, October 21, 2013

Eshuh tsehits hanum em

Dear Family and Friends, 
   eshuh tsehits hanum em means "im pulling the donkey from the mud" its how the armenians describe learning the language, they looove it when you say it. i usually follow it up with "i've pulled the donkey from the mud, i just need to clean it off" they think thats hysterical. 
  anyway thats kinda how the work feels right now. we had to drop our investigators, it was sad cause they didnt seem to upset about that. havent found too many people to teach lately. there are always people with potential but that need a lott of work. and thats fine, but they dont really want to do the work or make the time or something like that. so its tough. we've been trying to increase our efforts to strengthen the ward but they've been busy. its weird, it seems like people in armenia are all busy at once and then all free at once. maybe its just me. 
  anyway thats about it. the works been tough. i've been here two months in artashat and even though theres a good ward set up its still been a rough start brining elders back for the first time in two years. my comp and i are struggling to stay on the same page, esp with attitude. a negative attitude is killerrr to missionary work. and regardless of how close to home you are, the time will drag on until that day if you dont use it right. I love being a missionary though and love the people and i know if we work hard the Lord will bless us as we finish up this transfer. 
  today we're visiting a member who lives in Yeheknadzor, which is 2 hours away from artashat- im not really sure how she found the gospel, i know she comes here occasionally, but shes one of the strongest members in armenia, holds a stake calling, and comes 2 hours each way for church atleast twice a month. its crazy what some people will give up for what is important. we dont get to see that a ton here, but when we do see it its inpsiring. anyway we're using pday cause on the way to her house is Noravank, a sweet church, and then we're gunna go to Jermuk with her which is apparently gorgeous. and she's gunna try to set us up with a meeting or two. it seems crazy, but if we can find people who will take the trip with her to come to church, the gospel can slowly spread there and eventually itll be big enough for missionaries. here's to planting seeds. 
  anyway love and miss you all tons. love hearing from home, give everyone my love and good tidings (is that weird? i have no handle on english phrases right now)
love elder moore

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