Monday, November 25, 2013


Family and other family known as friends, 
  First off, we will get to do thanksgiving this week. armenians cant do their THs so i gave up saying thanks and started saying tanks. dont make fun, you cant do your KHs and GHs and hard Chs Ts Ps and Ks. i learned to roll my Rs. Street cred. anyway today we're cutting pday short cause thursday we're headed to vanadzor, we'll be celebrating as zones, so itll be us 12 northerners and the senior couple the Haglunds, who are amazingg, will be making our turkey. then we'll watch movies and relax. im stoked. but i already know halfway through the day ill be bored and just want to go do missionary work. 
  this week was a fun one. kinda, i dont know why i lable it fun but it certainly wasnt bad. we visited a lot of members, theyre great. we found a new investigator thats a young man, doesnt smoke or drink, came to church 3 times already, and accepted a book of mormon and a pretty quick baptismal date in armenia (the 7th) all was superb, until the second meeting- he didnt remember a thing. then we read from the BoM with him and watched the JS movie and he didnt remember a thing from that either. he kinda fell asleep while i was talking directly to him. my armenian accent is dull, but its not THAT dull. anyway that was discouragin and a setback but he's still a good kid who can get baptized and itll be a good opportunity to actually adjust our teaching to meet needs. 
   this week we went to Artik, a city about 35 minutes away with the Haglunds to go visit a member whos the only member there and rides a bus for an hour to go to church. we were excited, but it turned out not super well. the womans mother, who we're pretty sure has alzheimers or something of the sort, came out of her room and wouldnt stop screaming at us to either give her money or leave. she kept hitting her daughter (the old ladys 85, the member like 35) then she got pretty close to hitting me with her cane, so branch pres, who drove us, kept telling her to kiss me. thankfully she did neither. it was kinda funny, then just sad. esp since the member told her the rest of her family was like that too, and that explains why the member is a litttlee bit crazy, so we were just sad for her. after that we visited another small city nearby and got an inactive to come to church this week though so that was good. 
 theres not too much else to report. its pretty dang cold outside. im gunna buy a hat today, im also having a members mom make me a sweater. clothes are super super cheap here in gyumri, so ill probably spend a little more than i should. our apartment is actually too hot though, elder christensen says hes cold while im falling asleep during study cause its too stuffy. so we'll have to fight about that. hes awesome though its good to be back around him. itll be a good opportunity for me to slow down and not dominate every conversation. ive only served with good speakers and after my training i still dominated conversations. elder christensen is pretty timid but i'm working hard on getting him into everything, esp cause he knows the place so much better than i do. 
  lately ive been enjoying a frustrating study of faith. ether says there is NO witness until a trial of your faith. so i've been studying stories where it seems like the opposite happens, where it seems like a straight up witness followed by believing, and trying to shift my prespective of faith. some people refuse to believe until some neon sign, but i feel like i dont expect any witness because my faith isnt strong as the neon sign equivalent. ive been working on simpler faith and looking for the simple miracles to follow. 
  anyway ima split. i love you all, im jealous you get to go to grandma jeans this week for so many reasons. but im so grateful for all of you. the picture im attaching is of our gratitude board- we had a white board just chilling in the hall so we decided that we were being too ungrateful and put up pictures of our families and friends, our other awesome missionaries we love and most importantly the baptisms and close armenian friends we've been blessed with. i love the board. and now we're gunna go fill it. 
 nuff peace n hair grease,
Elder Moore

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