Thursday, March 14, 2013

Last email Baby

Dear Family and Others, 
  We got em baby. We got em. On time too and everything. Here goes:
Monday we'll get up at 3am and go check out, take a shuttle to Salt Lake for our flight that leaves at 745 am for Dulles DC Airport. Bout a four hour flight. We'll be there from 2pm DC time to 7pm DC time. No one will pick us up and take us to walk around the temple, which is unfortunate because I always brag about how big and beautiful it is. And no, you may not come visit. Anyway I figured I'd call from that airport. I could get you guys before school starts but I doubt it and i wouldnt have as much time, so I'll call after schools out. Tyler should email me and let me know when's a good time for him if he wants me to call. Anyway after that 5 hour layover we'll take a flight to Vienna Austria. I think its about an 8 hour flight. We will sit in the Vienna Airport (again, no one comes to get us, no biggie) from 9am until 10 PM. Yes, thats a 13 hr layover. Start praying for us now, because apparently all the food in the airports in Europe are crazzzy expensive. Plus were all gunna be tired and nasty. But you're talkin to the guy that drove nonstop from VA to UT in the same clothes and only ate McDonalds. And wore the same compression shorts for the entire trek. So I can handle nasty :) Anyway at 10pm we board a flight to Yerevan which is like 3 hrs ahead. If all goes as planned we'll show up 4 am Yerevan time on Wednesday. They'll pick us up and they've said they let us sleep for like 6 or 7 hrs before we start the day, some meetings and stuff. Rumor is we're at the mission home all Wed and Thurs, but we'll see. Anyway obviously that's exciting news. We were super stoked to get them, everyone got visas and junk. Email me today if theres a more convienent time to call than 4pm your time monday. 
  What else from this week- daylight savings. Worst idea ever. Like foreal. That was possibly the worst sunday ever. The worst part is that it actually makes it darker for us missionaries that step out the door at 7 to walk to class. So our 30 sec of sunlight were taken away by the rest of you selfish people that sleep till 8. 
  I still havent gotten the package. Hopefully today. 
  This week has been normalish so far. Everyone's having a hard time focusing. Our teachers share good stories about what they did to focus on their last week of the mission and work to the bell, go home knowing you gave it everything. But that's harder for us sitting at desks and thinking about the actual mission thats about to start. Im so excited. Im excited to be terrified. Sitting in Vienna, no one else is going to be waiting for a flight to Armenia but Armenians, and us. no one else visits there. So that's gunna be frightening. Im excited thought. Im excited to be terrified to talk to people and board taxi vans and stuff. Im jsut gunna go for it though. My first line to anyone will be that I speak awful Armenian and hear it even worse, so please go slow. im really good at that line. If they hate me for being a stupid American trying to change their religion, thats fine. I wouldnt like me either if I was them. But apparently a lot of the people  are super excited that you actually speak some Armenian and wonder why in the world you've come there. I'll let you know which reaction is more popular next week. 
  Anyway this week we taught our investifakers for the last time. I think i did actually come to love the characters I taught, but it was also the fact that I love my teachers so much that made teaching the last lesson kinda depressing. Esp cause its not like you teach some grand finale, you just keep going and then leave. In the field that'll happen and you just have to try to get them ready for the next awesome missionaries coming to the area. Anyway we also had last gym time. i will miss organized basketball very much. and four square. not as much though. Anyway today we're packing and doing normal pday stuff, tomorrow is in field orientation all day. It sounds like a big waste of time to me, since all departing missionaries do it, so they dont tell you anything about your specific field... but then saturday is fairly normal, just more relaxed. Same with sunday, we'll just be packing. 
  I strongly suggest my family watch the new Mormon Message "Mountains to Climb" its awesome. and Pres Eyring is the Watch the video but also make sure to focus on the words he says and the message he's sharing. Its an important one in my mind. Anyway do that. it doesnt need to be a big deal or discussion or anything, just watch it please. I would also suggest you watch the CES devo from a few weeks ago by Elder Bednar. But its kinda long, like a 30 min message and itd probably be over lanies head. Idk. 
I love you all, hope to hear from everyone
CTR ring written in Armenian .. How awesome is that?

Here we go!

Ready to "jet"

I think Elder Mills is actually pointing to Iran. we want to sneak across the border and convert some crazies

we have my room- funny story
our room kept getting "acceptable" or "needs work" solely because of my half of the room, the other 2 clean pretty regularly. but i refuse to clean it just because someone tells me to and reads me a scripture. i clean it when i feel its necessary. so finally this lasy week they gave us two scores- them a commendable and me an unacceptable and left a note trying to make me feel bad about the 'mess' pssh, good luck with that.

Was thinking of Alex when I took these selfies
My desktop

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