Wednesday, March 20, 2013

bari galoost hayastan

Dear Party People,
  Oh hey it's ya boy yerets moore here in the middle eastttt. Were here in the mission home and they're letting us send a quick email home to prove that the picture they sent you wasnt just photoshopped. hopefully you got it.
  So I talked to you monday afternoon, and to be honest that actually feels like 12 days ago. after that we hung out a bit, talked to random people, etc etc, then boarded what would be the worst plane flight of my life. we flew Austrian Airlines, and I'll probably never do that willingly again. the plane was super crowded, the flight crew were all rude, there were a bunch of loud Europeans on the flight, and screaming babies, and bad food, and rarely anything worked, and the seats didnt recline. they were supposed to, but didnt. so i sat there uncomfortably for 10 hours through the night and didnt sleep. it was a pleasure to get off that plane, but then we realized we were stuck in the Vienna airport for 14 hours. it was better than the flight, but still pretty bad. i didnt eat anything since it was all expensive, there were no water fountains since they want you to buy it, and basically everyone there hated us or looked like they did. the one good thing was they had these weird couch looking things. we didnt get a gate so we'd pick a random one and i'd sleep for about an hour, then wake up and realize that there was a flight there and a bunch of europeans staring at us so we'd move to another. eventually we got a gate assigned so we went there with like 6 hours to go. eventually it filled up with all Armenians, turns out they didnt like us either. Idk if they recognized us or figured it out from our tags or just dont like Americans in suits, but we got a lot of death stares and could hear them talking about us. and the few people we tried to talk to in Armenian just switched over to English and told us we were wasting our time. that was nice. anyway after what felt like 4 days we finally got to board the flight. i've never felt so small- we couldnt talk in Armenian even with each other because they werent fans, and they knew english, and we were exhausted, so everyone just sat there and shut up. it was a 3 hour flight and i slept maybe half the time. we got into Yerevan at 5am local time. i got through customs without any hiccups but a sister got held up for something dumb. anyway they brought us to the mission home, i couldnt fall asleep so i didnt. we had inital meetings with President Carter and the assistants- they're all super awesome. Pres Carter is seriously the man. the assistants seem like awesome guys. they seemed like kids they were so excited to see us. Anyway today we're going to the Armenian Genocide memorial, then tomorrow they'll have the trainers assigned and we'll meet them and go to our areas. so hopefully i'll have a lot more to say on Monday. So far the Armenians that we've met here in the country are much nicer. the ones that can afford to fly out of the country are a bit arrogant i think. anyway that's all i got. love you all

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