Monday, April 15, 2013

One Month

Dear Fam and Friends, 
  Crazy to think its been a month just about in country. Its flown. kinda. Elder Maughan goes home in 6 short weeks, and our mission is super young, like over half of us have been out less than a year, so once he leaves this could get very very real for me. 
  Investigators first- we're still goin strong with the usual three. Gohar and her daughter Anahit are progressing well towards the 27th but they werent at conference this weekend, and missed church last week. They're fine as far as like the "requirements" meaning in Armenia its strongly encouraged that they come to atleast 5 weeks of church and show consistency. Gohar had 2 crazy work weekends, so its fine, but we're going to talk about taking the Sabbath more seriously. they should be set for the 27th though we're stoked.
Caren is also progressing well, he came back to Char and quick smoking yesterday, we hope for good. We're doing daily meetings and we're gunna fast with him, we're confident he can make the 26th. 
We didnt get to meet with our other investigator this week. boo. but this week our focus is on finding. i refuse to let Elder Maughan baptize those 3 and then ditch, which he doesnt want to do, but he did catch himself gettting complacent with finding new people. so i whipped him into shape. i actually kinda did. We fell far short of our OYM goal this week, so he wanted to set the same goal, but i refused. our mission didnt reach the baptism goal last year but they upped it anyway because we have faith and confidence in our elders and sisters and in the Lord. Anyway I demanded we up it slightly, along with our new investigators. i got my way. and now we tell God that we're going to throw ourselves at contacting with everything, and we know we can find when we do. We'll see what happens this week. 
  I finally did see conference. We watched it Saturday and Sunday in the branch pres's office while they watched in Armenian in the chapel. It was awesome, so inspired. We watched all three sat sessiosn with about an hour break, then watched the sunday sessions straight through. so it felt too fast, but i took a ton of notes to review and the Ensign will hopefully get to us soon. it was awesome though. 
 We also had zone conference friday which was really good, got to see everyone and learn a bunch of new ideas/ inspiring thoughts on how we can keep the mission success going, or atleast how we can stay as worthy of it as possible and leave it in the Lord's hands. 
  I got bad news this week though, two of my group members went home this weekend. One is cleaning stuff up and getting square, but intends to be back and has been told it shoud be possible in about 6 months. the other is going home for anxiety and depression they cant shake. its not like worst case, but the possibility of returning is still shaky. that was tough for me, they're two good friends and awesome missionaries. i was looking forward to the culture of this mission and responsibility kinda falling on us young guns and us just carrying through the president change and staying strong. we still have tons of potential here and lots of awesome missionaries to do that, but those two will be sorely missed. But im determined to be an awesome missionary and finish the one's training when he gets himself back here. 
  I finally got the right info for packages. It needs to come through USPS, or the national postal service if anyone's not in teh US for whatever reason. DO NOT use Fedex, UPS, or anything else but United States Postal Service, cause I'll have to pay hundreds to claim it if you do. Also it shouldnt be insured for over 100$, idk why it would be, and make sure to reinforce the corners of any box, cause it'll get hammered. Anyway my birthday will be here before we know it but all i can think of to ask for is food right now. ill ponder this week and then make requests next week. 
  Lanie, YOU should convert your friend! study Preach My Gospel, then teach correct doctrine but apply it to needs. just kidding I cant even do that yet. just be a good example and dont say anything weird. Alex make sure to lemme know how the ACT scores go and keep working hard when all the seniors become useless objects sitting in desks, you need good grades for the year to be strong. 
When people ask how I'm doing, just tell them its the most fulfilling work I've ever experienced, and Im gunna be a super weird person when i get back. Not like weird missionary crazy rules dont hang out with girls, but like weird culturally. The Armenians are so different from Americans, they just act differently. Its hard to explain. They even speak differently, like with a different rhytm and candor. A good Armenian accent is created by doing things very differently then you do to have a good American accent. So anyway, in two years Im just gunna be actin weirder then people even remember. 
 Im sorry to hear about Brother Aldriges mom. I didnt know her or Sister Hill I dont think. Sister Warnick mentioned Brother Bethel was dying, He'll be very missed. I  always loved his stories but especially his testimony. 
This week you should watch the new Bible videos on I suggest "For God So Loved the World" or "He is Risen" both awesome ones. The LDS film organization whatever you call it has really improved. 
I love you all. Be good

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