Monday, April 29, 2013

Times Running Out!

With my email time and with this transfer. Idk if ill stay here or what, or who ill be with, but one fact is certain- I will not be being trained. And thats a bit terrifying to be honest. But im anxious to really get into the work for mysef and grow more. 
  About mothers day- we basically have three options. my sunday evening, which is you're during church or after church, depending. my monday morning, which is your late Sunday  (my 6am, your 10pm) or my monday evening. Let me know what works out, and be sure to keep a sharp eye on email during those times because I prob wont be able to call if its not working out, but i will email. 
  quick logistics question- we have ACBA Credit Agricole, Ameribank, and Converse Bank. Can you look up if the foreign/ other bank fees are different at all for using my Wells Fargo card? Please and thank you. 
  No pictures :( Elder Maughan said these computers can be dangerous (were just at an internet place) and missionaries have had their memory cards wiped just from plugging in. Im going to work on a plan to having things backed up. If nothing else I'll be sending a package home in the next month or so with bday presents, and ill be sure to print plenty then. As for the plaque pic, im still not sure. But im thinking. 
   Not a lot happened this week, It was kinda slow. The main thing was I learned a lo about the need to focus everything we do on baptism in our work. I learned so much about it, with one big example. We had a woman come to church and say she wanted to be baptized. Awesome. We went to meet. Not so awesome. She's been coming for three years with her less active daughter, but wants to be baptized now because she likes Armen, the man who just got put back in as branch pres (thats red flag 1) she refused to get baptized in May- apparently its a bad luck month. All Armenians refuse to get married in May (thankfully we have over 30 people in the country that arent being ridiculous and have baptisms planned in May) anyway, that was red flag 2. then she refused to read the Book of Mormon, because her eyes are bad and she doesnt want glasses, but also because she's taken the lessons before and "already knows everything" and says coming on sunday and hearing talks is good enough. That was red flag 3, time to leave and find more prepared people. We tried to explain those were not good reasons to do what she was doing, and that it was going to require more effort, but her less active daughter kept yelling at us that she already knew everything and was ready to be baptized April 30th (not happening) anyway what E Maughan and I talked about all week is that baptism is extremely hard, and it should be. Elder Holland said missionary work is hard, because conversion is hard, BECAUSE SALVATION IS HARD. And salvation is hard because LOOK WHAT CHRIST WENT THROUGH. He's not going to make it easy for us after what He went through, He's just going to make it possible. And He will help every step of the way, but on His terms- humility is basically the key there. Trusting He knows better than us and agreeing to do it on His terms. 
 The other big thing, very related, is that conversion is not dependent upon time, but on effort. We're trying for a lot of baptisms in May, but we havent found new people yet. But that doesnt mean it isnt possible to baptize more people in May, that just means we need to find the people who are prepared to put in a lot more effort very soon. 
  thats honesty all I have, I hope everyone has a good week. let me know about Mother's day plans (and you know, email me about the rest of life :) ) I love you all!

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