Monday, September 30, 2013

So Little Time

Dear Family and Friends, 
   Hey erreboddy. Todays a little weird, we're doing email and groceries but then going right back to work, cause this Saturday we're going to Vernasage- I might have explained with Elder Maughan, but at the end of the mission misisonaries are allowed to swap one pday for a saturday and go to vernasage, a massive flea market in yerevan.elder chojnacki is not at the end of his mission, he leaves in february, but he and the other 2 elders in his group don't have any sisters to go home with, and apparently vernasage is lame in the winter, so they got permission to go now. at the beginning of my mission i would be stoked to go somewhere all saturday and buy cool stuff and then eat at a restaraunt. but i've already been, i spent too much on stuff that i have to take with me all my mission now, and i just want to do missionary work. plus this week was a long one and i was looking forward to a few hours to sit and recharge, but itll have to wait. 
  anyway like i said it was a long one. tuesday we were in northern yerevan for district meeting for weird reasons, and we took transport (bus, subway, transport van) back instead of a taxi- we argued about that, then we got home at 6 and got nothing done, so i was annoyed. wednesday i had to go to yerevan again for another meeting, not anyones fault, but then we were late getting out of the building cause we needed to stop chatting with others and we got home late again. the rest of the week things just didnt work out, we couldnt meet with our investigator except for once- it went well though, he goes to a kinda crazy church that believes in the gift of tongues, but we got him to pray in armenian which was a big step. we met with the man who doesnt want to be rebaptized, taught the plan salvation, which he LOVED. Thought it was so interesting. hes in helaman- asked us about why he hadnt read about the day night day at Christ's birth in the Bible (its significant cause it means he's actually reading and understanding) anyway it went great, then we explained that only this church teaches the Plan and accepts the BoM because only this church is true, then the meeting blew up and went to trash. just a very prideful man that makes me sad. we're going to teach about prayer- he refuses to pray about if he needs to be rebaptized (he says that would offend God for thinking it wasnt valid, but he really just doesnt want the answer) anyway if we cant get him to pray then we wont have much left to do. our only other investigator is still harvesting grapes. the seeds were gross, the grapes were great. and yes i paid the price for eating so many. 
  anyway i say so little time because we really dont have much time to be missionaries. i saw that two days in a row and it ate me up inside, i was itching to even just get out on the streets to talk to people that would most likely not want to meet. a good friend had the same experience - they had to clean their apartment cause they're moving, then had some branch activity thing, etc etc. he said if he had done all that at home he wouldve been shocked he got so much done, but none of it was teaching investigators, so it felt like a failed day. this time really is special. the transfers almost half over (remember we do 12 week transfers) and not much has come about, and who knows how long ill stay in Artashat. but the Lord has promised our days will be enough if we try to use them right. 
  Lanes- dont assumed that I know what hsm means. Although im embarassed to say i did figure it out. 
  Zaz- Maxwells my favsies too, he loves to talk but such a great kid. the whole family is amazing though, the carlsons are just the bomb. tell em all i miss em! as for the mousetrap, dont use a fishing rod! we tried at it was illegal. dad helped (did) mine at the deadline, get advice from him and then get your group in gear. 
  Dad- the weathers cooled off and stopped raining. im back into my long sleeve shirts but still not a coat, which is my favorite (a little bite in the air, plus i look good in a long sleeve white shirt) tell abby hey. I know theres an armenian sister in temple square that comes home in october, she lives in my ward now so ill get to meet her. maybe its her. as for priesthood session- i thought theyd never do that cause only the men were supposed to watch it? was i wrong? interesting. 
  okay thats all folks. love all of you mucho mucho. oh and one final word DO NOT TALK ABOUT CONFERENCE! we dont watch it till the 12th and 13th, and i do not want to hear anything about it. write emails and save them as drafts, i know everyone forgets about conference after 2 weeks. k thanks. and dont wear my shirts. 
love elder moore

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