Monday, September 23, 2013

Bonus Content ... second email on Sept 23rd!

Dear Party People,
  The Dirty South has gotten lots of rain, and now its become the
Muddy South. I'm not a big fan, but inch anenk (whatr ya gunna do) I
love Artashat, but it's been difficult. We have good things going on,
but I feel they could be better. We have a great amount of worthy
priesthood holders, but almost everyone in Armenia is inexperienced on
how to lead the church. So its a constant process of being grateful
for what we do have, but ultimaltey being discontented and working
hard to improve things. It'll always be that way within myself as a
person and missionary I hope.
  Couple quick points- since Artashat is south and hot, its great
growing weather. Everyone- literally everyone, grows grapes this time
of year and the past 2 weeks they've all been harvesting. Ive never
eaten so many grapes in my life. I've eaten grapes every day for 2
weeks now. And they all have seeds, which everyone keeps telling us
are healthy and to eat them, but they're not tasty. Anyway. Grapes.
  We had 8 people come back from the Kiev temple this week, a couple
that was sealed, and 2 others with them receiving their own
endowments. They bore their testimonies in sacrament. It was nice, I
miss the temple, but what struck me was watching our 2nd counselor sit
and cry the whole time. He's been baptized since 2004 i think, got
sealed like 2 years later, and hasnt been to the temple in atleast 6
years. Its expensive, but even if he saved the money it would still be
hard because the church only has about 100 seats to send people twice
a year, and there are a lot more new members waiting to go. He's an
older man, he may never see a temple finished in Armenia. I hope he
does, but it just struck me. How special the temple is, and how much
he misses it. Armenias not the worst case, I've heard of people
sacrificing more to go for whats likely the only time they'll ever go.
But it made me realize how much i had underappreciated the temple. we
always say it, but it was personally relevant to me, and i hope i
never lose it, that we always need to have a temple reccomend and need
to go often. Ill have no excuse at BYU, and the traffic to DC is a
pain, but its not 3 days on a crappy bus like it is here. Anyway. My
preachy moment for the week.
  Not too much else going on, we had an awesome zone conference
friday. i sang with two sisters in my district that sing ten times
better than i do, but it was good. we still dont have too many
investigators- one is a man who loves the BoM and Joseph Smith, but
refuses to be baptized again, and is just prideful in a way that makes
me more sad than annoyed. we have others, but everyones busy
harvesting grapes.
  sounds like a pretty routine week. Hopefully the girls quit
complaining about school and try to live it up! as for lanes, she'll
look back on how cool she though she was and laugh, and she'll
understand eventually why i dont even want to come home now (although
i wouldnt mind if linus and livs paid me a visit) you guys are
awesome, have a great week, rock on
Love Elder Moore

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