Thursday, January 17, 2013

103 weeks left

Hmm well I didnt get anything from the girls so TELL THEM TO SEND ME DEARELDERS. I know it doesnt make its way into the sched easy but do it anyway. I demand it. people dont realize how slowly the week between email can move without intermittent news from the real world. Ill send Tyler my fbook stuff.
   if God loves His missionaries then WHY DOES IT KEEP SNOWING. I hate it so much. Dont get me wrong, I love snow. But here the only thing it does is make us slip and fall and make it bitter cold. We arent allowed to play with it (we usually do anyway) so its just a nuisance. Plus all 4 sisters in my district are Utahns and I get tired of hearing how much they love it.
  Got a sweet package from Sister Hoffmanns mom this week, Sister H told her to send me some brownies, which were delsih magish. Kelsey sent me a nice letter, i havent seen her yet though. And Sister Andersmon sent me an awesome notebook with a really nice note. Im glad I told people not to get me mission journals just because. The 2 Ive gotten since from her and Tyler have been very special to me.  
  Okay so the knees are doing fine, the advil really really helped. After a day without bball I felt good and was super bored so I played anyway and karma struck. I landed on a guys foot and sprained my ankle pretty good. I hobbled for a few days but Im back to playing. That pic of the bruise is the result of that.
  I get to leave the MTC again to go to a doctor. Need to have an ingrown toenail fixed, its killin me. Theres no way Im walkin around with that for two years. Im sure itll be fine though.
 fun facts from this week- Apparently the popular Pitbull song ' i know you want me" has an Armenian version counterpart. you should look that up, it should go "kee tem oozoom inz" ALSO- with all the Armenian i send home Im sure dad will want to attempt to speak it to people in the ward when they ask how I am. DO NOT LET HIM. He'll only insult the Armenian people and myself as well. Language study is going well but I have such a hold on the grammar that all I can do for now is memorize vocab and i hate that more than anything in the world. Well see if I can get motivated.
  Other things I remembered I want- Tom's note, the picture of us at the temple, and the wallet photos of me and Lauren and me and kellie. About the ice grippers- those ones Sis A got me local arent gunna cut it unfortunately. the teachers said it wasnt that bad but the ice here is nasty and if thats all over in Armenia Im gunna want spikes. Basically I need some that arent just screws on the bottom and arent just chain links. They need to be spikes. For boots, I want some that only go up to the ankle. I think we should try a size 11 but thats my opinion. Also I found out that in Armenia they dont have Mac and Cheese, So im gunna want you to send me a couple dozen boxes or so. my thought is that Ill just ask for stuff for my bday. everyone tells us if we need something for Arm to be sure to get it before we leave the MTC. Also I want my black zip up hoodie. Also not sure where it is. I think you'll just need to go through my clothes boxes unfortunately. But thats okay. And anytime your ever at the airport or see more RVA stuff get me some haha. I love reppin the 804 with my shirt. people mistake it for those stupid RVCA shirts and I laugh at them.
 Okay so the grand finale for this week. on tuesday we were at choir practice before the devotional and we knew it was gunna be someone big because 1) our director was demanding as close to perfect as we could get and 2) there was a dude sweeping for bombs hahah. Anyway we practice, go get dinner, come back, sit down and IN WALKS ELDER FREAKING HOLLAND. holy crap he's amazing. I love him. Even though we've already seen him speak and I like to cross others off the list it was incredible. We sang beautifully, if I do say. Precious Savior Dear Redeemer instantly made my top 5 after we sang it. Elder Holland was great. He was more relaxed since it wasnt conference, and he made a ton of funny jokes about wanting to take away free agency, and murdering us in a dark alley if we ever go inactive after being a missionary. it was a good message though. He talked about why PMG was written, how RMs going inactive makes zero sense and cant happen, how we should continue being missionaries always. He ended with an incredible dedicatory prayer over 3 renovated buildings on campus. It was seriously amazing. i kept wanting to peek up and see if angels were attending or something haha it was powerful.
  Anyway that was my week. its been better. Im getting tired of some of the peoplein my district though. But well see. About the pics- I think theyre self explanatory. the one of the 3 of us is my companionship. the guy that looks like a fool in front of the temple is the Englishman Elder Mills. I love him. the big Tongan is Elder Bloomfield, hes headed to Vegas. He cracks me up, and I have to guard him in bball a lot (eesh) the group is my district.
 Love you all, miss you all. WRITE ME. 

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