Thursday, January 24, 2013

100 weeks left!

Ive only been here 3 weeks but my ministerial certificate (the one that keeps me out of jail basically) also ends on dec 17, so i'm gunna say i only have 23 months left. 

Quick! Whats the difference between the MTC and prison? In prison you get visitors! oh ho ho, is funny. Altho, it is true (think Despicable Me)

Its currently freezing rain here. I think thats the most dangerous. It just looks wet, and then you realize its all ice. Two sisters ATE IT hard, so they made an announcement to watch out haha. 

Anyway didnt get any email from the fam today, but whatevs. My p day is Thurs and I usually get to email at about 9am my time. But again just send a dearelder with the stuff, i can read it over and over then anyway. 
This week i got some awesome stuff. My CTR ring came! Thanks to Sandy, very very cool. its two Armenian letters, which basically read "cheeshtuh entrir" thats really rough phonetics. Chishtuh means the right, entrir is the command form of choose. Very cool. The dials sent an awesome package, the banana bars were muchhh appreciated. maybe it was the fact that they were a little mushed, but no one wanted them so I enjoyed them all solooo. I also got an awesome letter from uncle Matt. Very thoughtful. And uncle Jed sent a great dearelder that brought me back to earth a bit, def needed that. And Chris Clar Cody and Lizzie all came through with great letters. I love my friends. 

So this week was really slow. I feel like I plateaued a bit. But my teaching companion got sick, and so did two of my teachers, so it was hard to learn solo the whole week. Things are definitely going better, the lessons are running a lot better (for me, my comp is struggling a bit, but we manage) the grammar is still going well but we added a new tense, stem, and mood this week so i have a lot of studying to do. my DL, in his very small wisdom, told us to SYL (speak your language) during breakfast. Basically we all sit there in silence, except for him who struggles to talk about the same things we talk about in class- gospel stuff. Blegh. But im doing a lot better of staying patient. Plus the Greeks are leaving this week, and the only other districts in the zone are us and the Latvians/Lithuanians who have been here one week, so the new zone leaders are coming from us 5. well see what happens. I dont want to be a ZL much, I wouldnt mind DL but id rather just not have to worry about all that stuff. 

One of the ZLs is Elder Ferraz. He's from Austria. His parents are South American that moved to Austria, so he speaks Spanish and German fluently. He learned English for 8 years, he's basically fluent. So naturally, theyre sending him to Greece. Haha his brain is running out of room. He's really awesome though. And apparently Europeans have never had Beef Jerky cause when I got some they devoured it all haha. 

My British friend, Elder Mills, is officially my favorite. We have patriotism wars- I showed him the verses in 2 Ne about the Revolution, and how God was with the Americans and His wrath was against the Brits. Rofl. He basically says that we steal everything from other countries and make it worse (fair point). I said if Gordon B Hinckley, the future prophet, hated his mission for the first bit and needed to be put in place by his father, that place must have reallyyy sucked (it was London). And every now and then we'll just sing (shout) as loud as we can, me trying to drown out his "God Save the Queen" with "Star Spangled Banner" and vise versa. Its a great time. Also, idk if its because we're always wearing suits or something, and learning a middle eastern language, but we feel like FBI agents and so we always "clear" buildings and shoot tangos on our way to class. Followed by an argument over whether the Navy Seals are better that the British best (I think its SAS?) 

Today, we 5 decided that to become closer to the people of Armenia, and get used to the inevitable fate, took cold showers. Like 25 degrees cold. Ive never shivered and screamed so much in my life. It was terrible to say the least. But a lot of Armenians only get water for 2 hours a day and its cold, so better get used to it. 

Okay so I think I've compiled a final list of the things Id like sent here/early bday gifts to get before I leave the MTC:
gray sweater, pj pants, black zip up hoodie
pics I forgot, letter from Tom
I also want pics of Mom (dont bother with ones of me and her, unless there really old)
bubble bath- there are bathtubs here and Im gunna wake up an hour early and take a bubble bath. 
boots and ice grippers
a watch, with the face of it being the Eagle Scout logo. I saw a kid with one and I WANT IT. I almost killed him for it. 
Armenian themed socks. I realize this is nigh impossible, but the colors are red blue and ORANGE (not yellow), so look hard pleease. 
a cd player with some crappy speakers. I want Tyler to make me mixes of Mo Tab, David Lanz, and Disney Music 
I think thats it. Sorry to dump all these requests

Im pretty sure thats all ive got. If not then next week! 
k now a funnier joke. What does a nosy pepper do?
Gets jal ep en yo business! 

ies seeroom em dzez


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