Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh SNAP ....

HAY everybody I just finished the second longest week of my lifeeee (first should be obvious) it was terrible! And yet, not so bad.

   We started teaching Artak. My least fav phrase is now (chick ee tem) which means I dont know. Anything we told him, he said he didnt know (God loves you, JC is our savior etc) and just said that only we knew that stuff. Funalyl we told him he had to feel it by praying, that went well. He said he'd already been baptized but when we explained the difference with ours he said he would if we continued to teach him and he liked it all. We're supposed to meet the real Artak (his names Elder White) tonight to see how we've been doing.

  The language comes along. Like I said I can read, thats getting better daily. Two fun facts- if I mispronounce the word sins it means naked, and covenant said just the wrong way means camel (eg- will you make a new camel with God? hmmm)
  Im so thankful for Mrs Bagby and Ward, and Mrs Bruner and Roscoe making sure what I learned doesnt go anywhere. They ensured I dont sound like a hillbilly speaking English and now Im ahaead in Arm grammar. Its coming pretty easy. But now its just going to be a memorize fest which Im not psyched for.

   The knee is doing fine. I was angry when the woman called Dad and took like 30 whole sec to say why she was calling. I get that she cant say Im fine for liability, but still. Eesh. I went the doc, got xrayed (nothing torn) and got a new knee strap and got banned from bball for 2 weeks. Which sucks because the reign of terror had begun. I had my shot and confidence back and kids were just basking in my glory. So slow! All they do is shoot and use 1 or 2 of the same moves. Yikes. Anyway im also instructed to eat advil like its candy.

   What else is new? Not a whole lot. At first our district leader (whos one of my comps and from Utah) was up our butts the whole first few days. We hated him. Elder Mills and I atleast, and the girls knew he was too uptight. But he loosened up, realized we're super funny but that we can also work really really hard when its time. So now he's just awkward, but not terrible.

  We went to the temple today- the second time was much better.
  I sang in the choir on tues. We didnt have enough time or people to make the arrangement of Nearer to Thee as good as it should have, but it was still solid. The firesides here are great. I just wish I could stay alert through them all. Hopefully in time.

  I got grandmas clock today. I forgot to tell her my watch was waking me up just fine but its still very appreciated. I also got my recommend and blessing. I had the blessing shrunk and laminated and now its in my sciprtures. Love it. I've gotten a bunch of other random things from the bookstore to make life easier. My teachers say Ill def need boots, they didnt mention ice grippers but I think I want them anyway. We have 9 weeks to do all that but we shouldnt procrastinate.
 I officially dont support the age change hahah. This place is already crowded and got worse when the new ones came yesterday. Plus there are a lot of attractive sisters that I cant ignore for being ancient, which only makes it harder to focus. Haha jk I love that sisters are realizing the only real excuse not to go now is "I dont feel like it" and theyre joinin us lads.

  Im pretty sure Livvie forgets who we are every night and just loves us anyway the next day, so Im not worried about her liking me in two. Make sure Linus gets enough love and show him my picutre everyday. Big Al, you should write me dearelders of badlipreading quotes and other funny stuff. You ma boo, and I be missin you yo. Keep the house up to shape now that its just you girls again! Tell Lanie to stop throwing up. Do it. She cant avoid speaking in church that way forever :P

  you got the pic, I like the one of me in the snow. Im thinking about making you change it with one of me in Armenia with a big coat and a funny hat, but well see. My mish scrip is Alma 29 9 and 10. Sil vous plait.

  Okay I think thats all i got. Email got screwed up today because my knee appt was during temple time, so we switched temple with laundry/email. I might get to get on again in a little bit but I think I've said everything. Thanks to Old Man Bleyl, Lizzie/Big Mike, Ellen, and Elder Komm for letters this week. I think that was everyone. I keep getting pleasant surprises from people I ddidnt expect to write so soon, which makes up for the people that lied to me. But hey im a missionary its my job to be forgotten. :D

  Love you all. I sent a bunch of letters, mostly replies. Uncle Mike still needs one from me though. I sent you guys some Armenian to look at. Cant wait to get there! Its gunna be a while but I only hear good things and Im stoked.
Love Jerm

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