Monday, May 6, 2013

Another week

Fam and Friends, 
  Hey everyone. this week was pretty hard to be honest. Ive been fighting some physical fatigue. Part of that might be we've done prob 4 fasts in the past 3 weeks, but im not sure. I go to sleep on time, but dont sleep soundly all night. idk what to do about that though. but also a lot of feelings of inadequacy. our numbers for talking to people were really bad, so that was discouraging cause we struggled to find a solution. But we did have awesome news. 
  We had a baptism! Gohar and her daughter Anahit had a great baptism. Apparently the water was cold, and theyre both scared of water, but they pushed through. Gohars so great. After it was felt that she should wait a week she was upset but understanding and very humble. she promised she could read from 2 Ne 9 to Alma in one week and man did she read. We saw a huge change in her come from all that reading. Shes been taught since Feb but only got that far, and then basically doubled it in one week. Its been a big testament that conversion isnt about time, its about effort. we and the other elders here both moved up baptismal dates we had to try to help them see that, and see the urgency of baptism, and the possibility to reach it sooner with greater effort and faith. anyway the baptism went really well. I was set to confirm Anahit the next day, and id been praying and thinking about what to say, but then at the last second Elder Maughan confirmed her and left me to confirm Gohar. I was not prepared for that. Im not sure if he did it on purpose to help me grow or if it was just a miscommunication, but i was freakin out to say the least. it went okay though. 
After that Gohar bore her testimony and even though shes put in a lot of work, she ony thanked God and thanked us. It made me realize id been selfish. focusing and dwelling and being discouraged about personal weaknesses isnt getting anyone anywhere. i need to focus on them, and whatever i can do to help them, and then do that. it was a good lesson, hopefully i can apply it this week. 
  as for skype, im gunna be on at 6am my monday morning- youre 10pm sunday night, tylers 8pm (make sure to figure out how to get him in, i cant use google plus) my skype name is armeniayerevanmission4     so watch for that. im gunna use kmoore_6, if thats not right email me. 
Im out of time, we'll talk about other things and the rest of the news next sunday. cant wait to see you all

Branch President (Armen)

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