Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey Hey Hey

Dear Family and Friends, 
  So good to hear from you this morning. Im super tired from being up at 5, but it was worth every second. I miss you all very much, but now its back to work. I have a long stretch before the next call, and lots of hard work to get done. Miles to go before I sleep. Next time we talk it'll have been a whole year and if I work hard it will go way too fast. 
  We had a good week, the other elders here in Char had a baptism. Serjik, who's been a member since March- his wife Kristine was super shy at first. Elder Maughan actually gave her to the other elders cause he's not good at teaching shy people haha. But after some time she saw the change it made in her husbands life and decided to open up more to it. She loves to read, she read the whole BoM in about 3 1/2 weeks and read the entire 3rd chapter in PMG, all before her baptism. It was so good to see her join her husband. Now they can raise their two small kids in the church, and theres a temple trip going to Kiev next May when they'll be able to be sealed as a family. Seeing her get baptized and realizing that a lot of people in Armenia dont have that made me grateful for my parents being worthy members that were sealed and raising their children in the gospel so well. So now its my turn to take that to others. 
  Other than that there isnt too much else. We have an investigator Nara we're preparing for baptism this week. Shes Serjik/Kristine's neighbor, and she's know Armen for 20 years, and always been invited by him, but just randomly decided to come. HA! Like thats random. God is bringing her to this branch now because its in a position to receive her, and she's needed here. And because something special is happening in Armenia, and the Lord is hastening His work here so that we can have a stake and start preparing for a temple. Were hoping to reach our yearly baptism goal before July, and it will only continue from there. Its very exciting, and helps everyone stay focused on being 100% worthy of the Lords help. 
I hope you all have a fantastic week, I love you all

Caren's baptism. 

prob 2 weeks after the baptism. Caren's a very good man, and even though hes hard to understand we have a special relationship. he can tell i have a lot to say, just not in Armenian haha and he's very receptive to the spirit

this is elder maughan when he broke his bed. For whatever reason at like 1130 one night it just snapped haha

this is elder maughan. dont mind the umbrella, its our 9yr old new baptizee's
Serjik is the man who was baptized in March, hes the 1st counselor right now basically being trained to become the BP. 

Gohar and her daughter Anahit

Nara and her son Arayk, who we are hoping to work with eventually. 
The other night Elder Maughans belt got stuck and since hes going soon, and the belt was just left behind by someone else, he just cut it.

This is Armen helping us break into the other elders apartment and steal their microwave (we have a key to they place and like messing with them, we mostly did it just for the pictures which we left where the microwave was

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