Monday, May 20, 2013

crazyy week

Dear Friends and Fam, 
  When I say it was a crazy week i mean it was the opposite of crazy and the opposite of fun. I was sick. As a dog sick. I'm not really sure what the root cause of it was, or if the root cause was just the final straw or what. For about a week I'd felt a little under the weather, unusually tired and having stomach issues. That's not news here in Armenia though. Tuesday was Hrazdan Rescue day. Ill explain that first and then the sickness. 
   Hrazdan is about 30 min away from Char, it's kinda the same set up. A decent sized city about an hour out of Yerevan. I'd been up a few times on exchanges- Elder Maughan is a ZL, and Elder Smith, his ZL comp, is in Hrazdan, so I ended up there a few times while they did other stuff. Its a really nice city, very calm. I found it was a lot easier to talk to people there, in Char they always rush past but in Hrazdan they just kinda sit and talk with you. ANYWAY Hrazdan has been open for about 10 months, and they still have 0 members. They've been super close tons of times, but Satan is working hard to keep the church out. The original plan was actually to have anyone baptized there  go to church in Charentsavan, but its too far for people so Pres Carter got special permission funds to have a small one room church in the city. So with that, and the fact that no Armenian Elders are coming from the MTC for the next two groups, Hrazdan's in trouble. Cause the number of elders will be getting a little smaller, and Pres Carter wont put sisters in Hrazdan (no priesthood, too isolated from him/other elders) So we dont have numbers to keep 4 elders in Hrazdan with no success there. So President Carter told them something had to happen now, meaning there has to be a man thats capable of being the branch president that is making serious steps towards baptism by the end of the month, or Pres Carter has to pull everyone out. Now, why is this relevant. We heard this, and Tues became a day of help. The two APs are the elders that opened up Hrazdan together, so they came. Elder Maughan came as the ZL, I got to come as his companion and take part. The whole zone fasted. We split up into 4 companionships, had a meeting about how focused our finding had to be (the man has to have a job, family, and be interested off the bat) and then set out. We were just gunna go contacting all day, with no breaks, unless for a meeting with someone interested. Elder Smith and I were together, which was funny cause he'd also been sick, much more than me. But we were determined. Right before we start, it starts pouring haha just dumping. But no one cared. We went out all morning and found some good contacts. But around 2 in the afternoon i hit a wall of sickness, and I was down for the rest of the day. it stunk, i felt bad that i couldnt finish. but i couldnt stay on my feet. we went back to Char the next day, and i stayed in bed all Wed and all Thur. Heavy head, sore neck, sore joints, leg cramps, no appetite. It seemed like the flu but i got my fly shot so idk. Anyway i managed to leave the apartment friday, but even today i stil dont have a ton of energy, or appetite. all the members are freakin out that im not my chubby self (i havent skinnied that much, dont worry). being sick on the mish is seriously like the worst thing ever though. not just because i dont have any of the normal things from home to get better/busy my sick self with, but because you just sit there feeling bad that you arent doing work, and keeping your comp from working too. i hope to never be sick again. 
anyway thats all the news this week. sorry its lame haha. Transfers will be like the 30th i think but i still havent heard my future. Some crazyyy things are goin down though. one AP is going home, Pres Carter's already called 2 new ones. The other will stay with the 2 new ones, since i think he's actually going home a little early (he's the next). And with elder maughan leaving my zone will have 2 new leaders. if i even stay in this zone haha. Its all chaos, pres carter is famous for shaking things up, so we'll just have to wait and see till i get called. 
i hope everyone has a fantastic week and doesnt miss me too much, but knows i love and miss them very much. 
Love to all, 

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