Monday, July 8, 2013

Hey Yall

Dear Fam and Friends, 
  So much to tell, not a ton of time. Firstly, Happy Birthday to Lanes and Murica! We had our meeting with Pres Carlson on the 4th and they did have some watermelon, so we all shared some thoughts about how much we love America. As for Lanes, all the Armenians wish you health and more health and success and a good career and an attractive husband and healthy kids and long life filled with love. along those lines. i do hope it was a good one though, gotta love my baby sister. 
  I also got my two bday packages this week, they were so awesome. everything has been delicious so far, but im definitely saving the Phineas and Ferb mac and cheese for the most special of occasions. im not even sure what would warrant using someting that good in Armenia. I think i might bring them to the mish home with me on my last day and eat both of them at once. The tie was awesome, I love the color, and the singing card was great. Elder Marco gave me a hard time cause the music was technically not allowed, but i danced a few minutes anyway and danced my worries and wiggles away. I grew the pet flamingo sis bleyl sent, that was fun, and elder marco and i love the stress balls. we use them sometimes for stress, other times just to throw them at each other. both pacakges were seriously awesome and im so grateful for great friends at home. 
  i had my 6 month mark this week, we went to erevan as a group to get our residence cards, then had decent restaraunt food. i took a chance on one of the only 2 burger places in Armenia and had a triple with cheese. it was good, but def not American, and my tummy didnt love me later. worth it though. i got a little distracted thinking about how fast the first 1/4th of my mission has already gone, but its also been a good 6 months since ive been home, so i reminded myself there was much more to do, and much more to learn, and got back to work. 
  Sunday was the blessed water day. We wore ties that we didnt care about getting wet, thin socks, crappy shoes, and put our planners and stuff in bags. we had to sprint away from kids a few times pretty hard (they keep yelling "where are you going? its water day!") elder marco got dumped on from an apartment building, and then we both got bucketed, but it really wasnt too bad with some evasive manuevers. we took the offensive for an hour instead of eating, and took some very big balloons up to the 9th floor of a building over looking a busy street. we made some old women very mad at us, but the best was elder marco hurling a big balloon clear across the road to get some teenage punks. they kept yelling at the wrong building for someone to come out and face them, and we laughed. it was a good time. didnt quite feel like a missionary, which isnt a great feeling, but i felt it was some needed relief. 
  this week didnt get much better, we had 3 meetings total. 2 of them are with a new investigaor, Vazgen, whos a great guy. hes very open but has some understanding issues with the doctrine. we want him to read the BoM, bcause it always helps understanding through the message it contains and the Spirit it invites, but he doesnt read very well at all. Were trying to convince him to try, read slowly, etc, and we promised him the spirit would tell him its true, and that reading would get easier, but he wants to just listen to others read. which isnt bad, he udnerstands when they do, but not reading will make staying active so much harder, so were prying he'll try. 
  i met Pres Carlson this week. hes and his wife are super diff from the Carters. a bit more outgoing and jokey/engaging, less quietly powerful. but he's a very humble man, he loves the mish, and he's committed to leading it only through the Lords guidance. our interviews with him went well. We talked about how hard the areas been. It kinda seems like Elder Marco might be headed out of Char early, 7 months is a long time in such a small town. Pres Carlson could tell he was worn out, on his last leg with Char. He could tell it was affecting me. I dont know if that means Elder Marco will leave mid transfer, and ill leave at the transfer, or i could still stay another as a senior comp. im not sure how i feel. Char is very small, and its been hard, theres not many people to talk to on the street that we dont already know, and without meetings the days are super long. im not afraid to stay another transfer, if theres more to learn from here, and id love to stick it out and see success come, but i am concerned that at that point my attitude toward Char would be worse and it would negatively affect the next missionary. the city might need fresh eyes. but the fact is none of that is our decision. Pres got our input, learned what he needed to, and now its up to the Lord. and until we hear anything we're going to continue on in obedience and try our best to be diligent. 
 anyway im out of time, i love you all, have a great week. Look for the tender mercies of the Lord in life. I know thats cliche and sounds hard, but if you just remember that EVERY good thing comes from God, our gratitude and love for God and for others will increase. I love my family very much, im so grateful for everything they do
Love Elder Moore

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