Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15th

Dear Family and Friends, 
  Gotta love great family and good friends. Gave me the boost I needed today to start another week. 
Not too much changes in Charentsavan, the heat cooled off slightly this week and it rained a little more. We had 3 meetings this week, one with a new member, the other two lasted about 40 min total (normall in Arm you have fewer meetings for longer cause people are so hard to plan up with, they literally dont know what theyre doing tomorrow and if anything comes up they dont call to cancel, they just dont come) so it was a slow week again. We did finally get a hold of one of our prominent investigators though that we hadnt seen in 2 weeks. He's been super busy, hadnt been home from work in 3 days, and didnt return our calls cause he didnt have our number haha. its still not great with his schedule though. 
  other news.. elder marco heard from Pres that he was def staying here till the transfers end (remember we only do transfers when new missionaries come, every 12 weeks) so thats at augusts end. It could affect me, but theres no way to know. 
  elder marco and i realized we had both thought of really strange post mission goals- elder marco was listening to "mountains to climb" by pres eyering and decided that he actually wanted to prepare to climb mount everest. that only affects the mission by him trying to eat better and work out harder. my backs been bothering me for about a month (the beds arent great) so i decided that after my mission i was going to try accupuncture. crazy what you think of. 
  interesting note that also has little significance- the sisters that are coming in Aug are the sisters that will go home with me. their transfer cards say theyll be out dec 31, 2014. so that could be my date. but still way too early to know. just know that if its close, you WILL wait for me until celebrating Christmas. 
  lanes- love the stories. on July 11 we were walking a lot and it was hot and i realized it was 7/11 and wanted a free slurpee soo bad. tell Leslie she'll always be Brother Anderson to me. 
Oh and get rid of that stupid note that says it was sent from your iPod :)
 Alex i LOVED challenge discovery. mom hated the climbing bit, but i thought it was amazing. 
Enjoy Shark Week. Record the whole thing and save it till I get home. 
  Gayton ward sounds like a kinda sad place to be. i miss the Bethels in the front, and Brother Bethels testimonies and stories. one time i visted him with the Bleyls and he told us about the summer he played imaginary baseball with himself and his "whamstick" (a broom handle) I think he said he bat 400 that summer and hit like 54 homers. great man. Ill miss the Kikers very much, I always loved the way Brother Kiker spoke and he seemed to have a different approach to many things i loved. 
  as for eating- we never eat with members, one of our members has made some salad and stuff for us this week. but the schedule is usually this- 
breafkast- plain (literally unflavored) oatmeal, lots of sugar, and sometimes a herbal tea packet to flavor it. eggs, boiled/scrambled/fried, yershik (this salami like meat, its all they have) bacon, and sometimes coco puffs
lunch- hot dogs, bread, cheese, ramens
dinner- we make stuff like corn chowder and noodles and stuff, we have beef and plenty of veggies here. or sometimes we just eat more hot dogs. 
 thats about it, if you go to yerevan theres many restaurants that are more normalish. 

anyway i hope everyone has a great week. this week I got closer to my Heavenly Father. We probably walked close to 50 miles this week, with little going on. There were times i actually did want to quit and stop working. there were nights i told God i couldnt do the same thing tomorrow. But then i had great nights sleeps and i did it again the next day. I received strength when i had none. i did my best not to shrink, and the week ended. and now its a new one. im patient, trusting the Lord's timing, looking to improve, and always grateful for what I already have and what im now learning. 
i love you all so much
Elder Moore

that thing i found in my yogurt monday morning. no clue what it is. thought it was mold but it was something solid and rubbery. didnt taste good (just kidding i didnt eat it) just a reminder every now and then not to trust those russian products. the story is that one elder found a steel nail in his oatmeal once

its hard to describe Char. its a very very small urban setting, kinda like a half mile just taken right out of yerevan and plopped else where. every one lives in apartments, everythings russian cement buildings, urban style. 

now picture walking home to your apartment to find 3 cows just chillin there munchin on some grass. totallly random, sooo funny. we met a man the next day that said he owned cows, we had to cut off the convo so we could laugh. i wish id put my cow suit on, but that wouldve been super un missionary haha.

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