Monday, July 1, 2013

tsavd tanem

Dear Family and Friends,
  Allo barev zez tsavd tanem inch ka chka? Basic hello in Armenia, tsavd tanem is a throw in phrase that makes you sound more ghetto as a mish, but if you can master it you sound more Armenian. the translation has nothing to do with how they use it, ill just have to explain in it 18 months. 
   Anyway I was hoping to hear from everyone to have more to do this week during email, i still have very little to report. we have a number of investigators that are good people with great potential, but are always busy with work. When people have work in Armenia, you never complain, but its been about 3 weeks since any of them made any progress. We continue to be frustrated with our members being complacent and sometimes actively making church worse. We did a lot of walking this week with little success. its probably been the worst week ive had so far, but it is over and its time to recomitt to another week. God knows whats going on, including when people are using their agency and just not making the time or effort, but He knows what we're going through, and Char will either get better through many blessings, or turn to be a proving ground for growth, or both. But faith is not binding God to our will, saying if we work hard and have enough faith and pray hard than things will work out, or that we have to start questioning God's will. faith is trust that one day we will understand why things worked out the way they did. 
   Pres Carter left Sat, Wed i had my fina interview with him and we had a zone meeting to say good bye. it went well, he gave my great advice about the rest of my mission, my attitude towards how things work out at home, what to do after my mission, how to become what i need to become now and later. he gave me a great blessing. We havent heard anything from Pres Carlson yet, it could potentially be a little while, we're kinda isolated here in Char, being a part of the Yerevan zone but far  enough from Yerevan to come only a time or two a month. Im anxious to see what direction he'll push/take the mission, but he's the president, he has the right to inspiration from the Lord for us starting immediately, and im committed to follow him wherever he goes and be someone he ca rely on for the first half of his time here. 
  anyway thats all that happened. everyone have a good week of summer, enjoy the pics. love you all
Elder Moore

Late picture of my birfday

yeah, that says Adibas. the best part is the fake ones are even cheaper

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