Monday, December 23, 2013

Sick Sick Sick

Dear Family and Friends, 
  Man, you leave bablyon behind and do fine with it and then you get sick sick sick and think of Bayside again. Haha last night the random thought popped into my head to ask that my family be blessed to remember to write me... thats okay i have faith without the miracle :D burnnn no really though alex did write and i got good other christmas emails and i know everyones busy with fam. im just hoping everythings normal for skype on wednesday. check some time thing and make sure you know for sure what time itll be there when its 8PM in Armenia, we dont do daylight savings or anything and that just scares me. 
  anyway not a lotta got done this week. elder christensen spent the first half of the week with a nasty cold that slowed but didnt stop us. then i hit some of the longer nights of my mission with some sort of virus or food poisoning. sunday we were finally ready to go work and then it hit elder christensen. so that stinks. my zone leader has been trying to help me understand this could be an opportunity to learn to minister to others before i try to minister to the armenians. his point is valid, we are called to help others, not just those that arent baptized members. its tough though when things with investigators havent really gone your way since, well... hmm. but the Lord continues to teach me through it all as long as i let Him and dont complain. things went well in the district though, the other elders efforts are starting to pay off so we're excited for them. you never want to sit back and blame the situation but we're pretty sure that after all these new year feasts we'll atleast have more people to talk to
  while i was sick i decided to call every number in our area book. we keep records (we meaning missionaries in general) of "potential investigators" idk if its the same in other places but here it basically means anyone you talk to that you can give contact info about. they are certainly not the most reliable of means to find good investigators, but seeing as no one wants to talk to us i decided i would call people that talked to missionaries atleast once. plus my last comp taught me a good lesson that it was a good way to show the Lord you were serious about trying everything. so i called a bunch of people that had talked to the elders on the street about a year and a half ago. it was basically like a door approach, i kinda wish i knew how to do those "hi, im elder moore. yeah i know you dont know me. i have your number cause you've talked to missionaries like me from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. i just wanted to know if you'd want to talk again" a fair number of people hung up on me midsentence, others used the excuses they probably used a year and a half ago, but i actually got two people to say sure. hopefully we can meet with them this week. 
  on other fronts, we were working with a less active that showed up after being baptized in 2007 then moving to Georgia, but no one here remembers him. anyway we were working, hes pretty weird, its like im talking to a computer and regardless of the question i give he just seems to say everything he knows about the Bible. well this sunday our super strong member said she finally remembered him, and that hes not actually a member... hmmm. is he counted as a new investigator? do i want to work with said new investigator? we're gunna try to get to the bottom of whether hes actually a member or not, then convince him of the result, then let our Branch President call the shot if he's crazy. everyone needs their salvation, but the scriptures teach us the Church has to be built on the strong in spirit and leadership, so itll be BP's call since he'll be responsible for the man. we'll see. 
  not too much else to say i think. tomorrow we'll be in yerevan, get to see everyone i havent served around lately. we got some awesome white elephant gifts to join in the fun. it hasnt snowed too much but the snow on the ground wont melt and just gets more and more packed and icy. kinda sick of that. its dang cold outside, and since our apartments are made of cement and only that its dang cold inside too haha. we have a heater though, we moved our beds into our living room and sealed off the other rooms. im enjoying winter, mostly im just continuing to enjoy the experience that is missionary work. 
 i love you all, hope you have a fabulatastic Christmas, cant wait to see you! paint your faces, have  Liz do it
love elder moore
i paid about 60 USD total for the two to be made by a member family, im super happy with em

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