Monday, December 16, 2013

Well, that was disgusting

Dear Everybody, 
  I picture the somewhat now old Staples commericial with the Staples button saying "well that was easy" for my title. This week I tried Khash! Basically I knew it wouldnt be good but had to try it anyway. Khash is boiled cow foot soup. We had our member make it, shes served over 3 years time of mini missions, so we knew she wouldnt get offended if we hated it or threw up in her house. pictures included. its basically grease soup, with lots of salt and garlic in it. They tell you to throw it lots of lavash (tortilla bread)- i put in a ton, and then it became salty garlicy grease soup filled with soggy bread and it was gross. the flavor itself wasnt terrible but wasnt pleasant, and then all the grease settled in my stomach. our member finished mine for me. then you have to try the meat, scrape it off the hoof sitting in your bowl. so i took a bite of that. it almost didnt stay down but this iron stomach reigned supreme again. it was basically like eating a fat chunk of gristle and lard. pretty gross. i didnt eat the rest of the day and was sick the next day but now im fine and i can say ive eaten khash. 
   not too much else happened this week unfortunately. the family we had taught last week ignored us all week. either they didnt like something and just wouldnt tell us, figured we would just go away (good luck with that. its something that really bothers me now. people need to understand the easiest and only way to get rid of missionaries is just to honestly tell them you dont want it) or theyre caught up in new years prep. everyone is. so armenian christmas is jan 6, and they do more for new year anyway. they throw feast parties for 7 straight days, so everyone is working to get the money to buy all the food and booze. sacrament attendance is about half the normal. not too much to do. we have to stock up cause the grocery stores will be closed for a few days. anywho. 
 i went on two exchanges with teh elders in the district this week, got to serve with elder miller for the first time since we were enemies in the MTC. not enemies, but it didnt go great. we had a good experience though, ive grown up a lot and hes done a fair amount of changing. id serve with him in a heartbeat now. i havent gotten to serve around my mtc group too much, but its always nice to look in the mirror and realize the distance i have come. 
  anyway i got nothing else. it hasnt been easy but im enjoying christmas season as a missionary here. everyone loves when we sing christmas songs in english. missionaries grow closer together as we're away from home and try to work hard through the season. we'll be in yerevan tuesday as armenia for christmas, then wed we'll be skyping and we'll have a zone activity sometime next week. its just a nice time to sit and think about Christ. 
  love you all, hope everyone comes together and remembers the spirit of Christmas, cant wait to see you all! woof. 
elder moore

khash liquid, you can see the grease bubbles

The meat

Camera has cut off my head

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