Monday, December 30, 2013

Well Shoot

Dear Friends and Family, 
  Come onn family two weeks in a row! I was hoping to hear about all the non electronic things you got for Christmas and the delicious food im sure Grandma made. Christmas eve in Yerevan was pretty great, it was a good recharge, focused on Christ and missionary work. It was awesome to see everyone that I havent seen in a few months from the south. It was hard to hear that the winter seasons been rough on everyone, but good things are happening in the mission and there are a lott of baptisms lined up for January, so we're excited to hit the new year sprinting. Christmas day we did a little devotional as a district (i tried to organize that and it went fine, but we should've just watched a Bible Video or something. Theres a reason they have me talk about teaching and finding every week and not about Christmas, i was not used to it.) then we had pizza- no, not american pizza and sadly not even close. im gunna eat an entire papa johns one day. anyway then it was back to work. we had a good day though. we got connected with a former investigator- he just tried to rent us his place, but hes a good man with a good family and hes religious. he's super connected to the armenian church, but we got him to atleast realize he needed to figure whos right. hes not crazy about reading or coming to church, so theres plenty of work to be done, but he lets us come over. i love how straight he is with us, and how straight that allows to be back. after talking about false prophets as wolves among sheep, he asked me if i was a wolf. never heard that one before. it lets me explain things as they are though. after we met with him we were walking to try to meet with one of three possible members, and then another one living close by we hadnt thought about called us and asked for help. so we got to do some electrical work for her and then had a really great lesson. it was an eye opener, i hadnt met with her before and realized shes an awesome member we need to work with. so that was good. 
   other news this week, we're continuing our branch list/less active project. we finally got all 400sih names of the members on record here (maybe 70 are active) seperated into the 3 missionary areas we have in Gyumri. we visited a name branch pres gave us and reported that she had moved to Russia, married to a non member, 2 kids, her mom passed away, and shes from Khazakstan, so sadly she really didnt have much of a reason to come back to Gyumri, and the people we talked to had no number or address. so branch pres accepted we have to send her record to Salt Lake and clean out ours. its sad work, but it is needed, and itll make it a lot easier for the next missioanries to not feel overwhelmed by 400 names, none of which anybody recognizes. now theyll know who has a lot of potential to be brought back, who hates us, etc etc. and we can already tell theres potential to bring people back and find new investigators through this work. im excited, its the first time i've ever focused a lot on bringing others back and strengthening them. 
  well theres not much else, yes it is my halfway mark this week. i love that my mission is 2013 and 2014, right on the dot basically. new years already encouraged me to think about the year and the one ahead, and that gave me the opportunity to dwell a lot on what ive accomplished/how ive changed the first half of my mission, and what needs to happen the second half to be the missionary i want to be. 
well i love you guys, i hope new years is awesome (theres no one outside, we're just praying well get invited in by some nice random people to eat and talk) and have fun back to school!!
love elder moore

us at the party

So Elder Marco gave me basically the coolest gift i've ever gotten. thats from us at Bjni way back in the summer

my group, a year later, still not taking good pictures together
did i mention the toothpaste was AMAZING? man Crest mint just blows russian teeth whitener out of the water. im hoping the two big tubes are enough to last the year. i told my comp id strangle him mid brushing if he used it

The Fox

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