Monday, January 27, 2014


Dear Family and Friends, 
  Hey, funny thing, my companion has spent like 2 weeks ripping audio files from my CDs (my last comp gave me cds of "Stories from General Conference" and "Past Impressions" from Mormon Channel, theyre AWESOME) anyway he had ripped em all to his flash drive, and now he just accidentally deleted it all! whoops. its okay we have 10 days together he can get it done again. 
  im pretty happy this week. Idk why. i told President Carlson that cause we talked about how all the other missionaries say im great but just always seem depressed and bored. who asked them anyway... anyway he made me study happiness. but today im happy. the week didnt go that awesome, i had plenty of stressers. but i was pondering at the end of every day and was just thinking "how else would i want it?" sure, people getting baptized, but thats on them. i would like, but in time, not now, a companion that pushes me to be my best, but i've enjoyed all the lessons i've learned in patience and ministering, not being a critic (even though i do it so well), etc.etc, things with the branch havent been easy, but i feel so much more fulfilled being the one to come in and turn things around then just having it handed it to me, even though i want it to be handed to the next person.and the other missionaries have done a good job on expressing appreciation, which has made such an effect i decided to do it for other people. if i had time id find the verse in D&C about how a big ship is controlled in a storm by a small rudder, something like that. same situation, better attitude = happy missionary. 
  like i said, notta lotta this week. we did run into a man that we had talked to before New Years. he chased us down and showed us the pass along card we gave him- it looked 5 years old, i figured i would see missionary names i didnt recognize, but there we were. he dropped it in water, the only thing that didnt get ruined was our phone number. hmm... anyway he came to the sisters baptism and then church on sunday. its been a focus of mine, trying to instill it in the others, to keep our sights set high on who we bring to church. we arent only inviting the rich, but we do need the spiritually strong, the church is too small in armenia to have nothing but welfare cases. anyway this guys kinda old and his breath smells like too much alcohol and not enough teeth brushing for a year, but hes super nice and he has a family, and inner potential. same thing again this week, in looking for less actives we met an old man whos wife died 3 months ago. his situation isnt great but he has a family. family = contacts, referrals. and everyones invited anyway because God loves them all. 
 HEY! this work is true. haha i was on exchanges with my old MTC comp, whos with a companion that doesnt love obedience or leaders. he said something funny "if this work wasnt true, id punch the guy and move out" its cool to see what people will do when they know somethings true. in the armenians, but in us too. 
 i love you all and hope your weeks are healthy and fantastic. 
elder moore

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