Monday, January 6, 2014

Crazy Bus

Dear Family and Friends, 
  Man its been a crazy two weeks! They've gone really slowly for some reason but they haven't been that bad, even though they've been slow. No worries about not writing, I took the extra time to look at all our missionaries profiles (we have to make one, and they're usually crazy awkward) then i called them and read they're funny lines to see if they'd recognize them. This morning I got to talk to Elder Marco for a while, man I miss that fool. I've served around plenty of other good missionaries since our time together, and its gone fine, i just underestimated how awesome it is to work with a great missionary whos a good friend because hes just like you. but the past two transfers off on my own adventures have provided a lot of good lessons im sure i'll use. 
   anyway i finally figured out what New years in Armenian was like, and if i end up home before the next one i wont be sad about it. before new years everyone was crazy busy getting ready, but the days since new years the streets have looked like the rapture happened. not too many people to talk to. we visited with all our members though and got to talk to their family and friends a little. that was good. anywya new years eve itself we set an alarm to get up like 10 min before the change cause elder christensens never seen a new year (???) the alarm woke me up, but not out of zombie mode, so i turned it off and slept. the fireworks woke me up and i cursed all the dang hooligans in our courtyard. so basically being a missionary for a year has made me turn 70. thursday was my hump day, that didnt seem weird to me until i actually thought about it. i love being an experienced missionary, and im confident the best is yet to come, but it is weird to think how numbered our days are. i ate my mac and cheese that i've saved since june, then i spent a long night in the bathroom. (does 2 month expired mac and cheese actually mean anything? what goes bad? cheesy powder? it might have just been all the armenian food and junk food our members fed us) but yeah the rest of the week was just talking to members about Christmas (theirs is today, all the restaraunts are closed :( ) and goals for this year. so to fill you in, on new years itself they throw a party. then the rest of the week their table is just set with lots of drinks and candy and cake. they wait for people to visit them, then heat up dolma (basically the most classic armenian dish) and bleencheeks (DELICIOUS! WHO IN AMERICA NEVER THOUGHT OF MAKING TACOS WITH CREPES INSTEAD OF TORTILLAS??) and they eat together and go crazy wishing everyone the best year imaginable. then they go visit their friends. when we did see people outside all we had to do was say "congratulations" and theyll talk to you. They mostly think we're Jehovah's Witnesses since they dont celebrate holidays, why else would anyone be outside? so we got to correct a lot of wrong thinking this week. 
  not too much else this week. glad to hear everyone had a good time with all the family. get back to school! im excited to get back to working hard. we have about a month left in the transfer, plenty of time, and i could easily stay here (elder christensens been here 8 months) and i know things can turn around very quickly if we do our part and trust the Lord. I love you all! 
Elder Moore

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