Monday, January 13, 2014


Heyy family, remember me? 
  Hey it's all jokes you guys know I love you and I forgot to write Tyler all the time. I bet the week was pretty uneventful anyway just getting back to stuff. I realized in my journal i had still been writing 2013 until like the 9th, that was weird. The week was another one that didnt move too fast. Not because it was terrible, it wasnt the best but it went fine. im not sure why things have slowed down in my mind lately. maybe its God's way of stressing that i gotta get some more stuff done this last month of the transfer. who knows. I've been thinking about Charentsavan a fair bit lately. Elder Smith, who was in Hrazdan, the other city in that district whos state is a step down from Char, meaning really really bad, until he went to Yerevan to serve as an assistant, was telling me how much he missed Hrazdan because it forced him to rely on the Lord in literally everything if he wanted to stay sane. Char was about the same. I didnt think I could keep walking all day with no one talking to us, i was super young and felt like i was doing it all wrong, and had nothing to rely on. Elder Marco, yes, but he was there longer and having just as rough a time. but we relied on the Lord in everything we did, including together, and things turned out alright. Now, we have to learn those lessons and then move on, so we can still rely on the Lord while more things work out. I'm not saying I want to go back to walking all day every day- i love the responsibilities we have of working with less actives and new converts, trying to strengthen the missionaries relationship with Branch President, and serving other missionaries, especially my companion, and ultimately helping new people get baptized. But it does lead to a sense of complacency- you're busy enough, so thats good, but if youre honest with yourself you know you could do a lot better, but only if you rely on the Lord. And thats harder than it sounds when youre cold and tired and want to tell yourself that its enough. So i've been in an interesting situation within my own head, being tired, knowing I am doing a good job, but also knowing it needs to be better, and then just trying hard to remember the Lord and rely on Him constantly. its been good though. I had a lot of good exerpiences this week with the scriptures and zone meeting and listening to old conference and BYU devotonals, but i dont remember anything specific to tell you all haha whoops. 
  in work, like i said we're working hard to make contact with all our less actives and work with who we can. we haven't gotten in touch with too many people, but it gives you a different feel as you go walking to find their houses instead of just walking to walk. one lady we visited did come to church this week, apparently shes a great person for finding other less actives because she knows a lot of people. we're also working hard with a new convert to get the melchizedek priesthood and prepare to serve a mission, and another new convert who's our mission leader. its been fun to take a new approach to the same missionary lessons, and our focus has been on receiving personal revelation and i love it. we have one man, the dad of the preparing missionary, who just needs to get baptized but was super busy for new years, he said he'll be free soon though. and i dont know if you remember the family we found that just stopped answering our calls but i called him out of the blue and he answered, said they were in yerevan for weeks. he might still be dodging, but i refuse to believe it till he tells me, cause i remember the look in his eyes when i taught him about the Restoration. 
  K guys i love you all tons and hope you have a great week. i love this work so much. i love how hard it is! 
Love Elder Moore  

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