Monday, February 17, 2014

get your popcorn ready

Hey everyone, 
   So forreall I feel like I should constantly be eating popcorn cause training is such a party ( i say "its a party" about a lot of things now) meaning that sometimes its awesome, other times i want to rip off my tie, set it on fire, and then make elder potter eat it :) but that im ALWAYS grateful its the situation im in. basically just a little microcosm of my mission, yeah i still remember that word. 
 elder marco, who just finished training, and anyone else that has trained, tells me "get ready to do everything for atleast 3 weeks" very true. i've been teaching, finding, planning, and arguing with our landlord about whos going to pay for the sink being fixed (we had water shooting everywhere until we shut the water off) and everything else, including teaching elder potter about missionary work. that ones the hardest- the rest i can do it all, i just get tired, and have to try to include him without too much he gives up. but i've realized how hard it is to teach about missionary work. my trainer taught me really well, because i wanted to be him. not because he said i should, or that the Lord required it of me, just because he showed me that when we do the Lord's work in His way we get blessed, enjoy the work, and still have lots of fun. so im trying to be the best example i can, instruct when its really needed (no you cannot fall asleep in lessons) and when he asks, and just be his friend. Its defnitely a slow start but we're moving. 
  the works going better than it has, i've just been feeling like we can be doing a lot more. the other day elder potter said "i didnt think missionary work would be this easy" i chuckled cause i knew he'd call me crying a week out of his training some day, but i also realized i can be a lot more diligent about the little things. i LOVE alma 37:46- let us not be slothful because of the easiness of the way. i'm not slothful, i can just do some more sprinting thats all. 
 the mom and son we're working with are still doing well, she's just fighting against accepting a baptismal date and then doing everything to reach it. she said she wants to be baptized in august, her birthday. shoot me! you wish people would realize how much more important this is (plus, EVERYONE knows its better to stagger special occasions that to stack- i have it perfected, birthday in june, christmas in dec) but you also know that you cant expect them to just get it. we're working hard though, she can be ready, and im gunna push her to hit up a March 29th baptism with me. its gunna be special. 
 not too much else going on this week! im tired but loving life. i've been trying really really hard lately to find the balance between complacency and being too hard on yourself. pres carlson introduced the trainers to the trainees. he said "this is elder moore. he speaks pretty good, or he's fooled me pretty well. he's way too hard on himself" haha. but i just always feel complacent. i guess the trick is just in taking the days as they come and trying to be better than yesterday, atleast in some way. 
anyway you all are awesome, i love you and hope you have a great one
elder moore

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