Monday, February 24, 2014


Dear Family and Friends, 
   I'm paying the full price for making fun of Elder Maughan at the end of his mission (but seriously, he hadn't seen the last Harry Potter!) I have NOT been gone long enough to feel this old. Elder Potter was shocked when he realized I had missed 2 of the new editions of the video missionaries go to watch once a week, never saw iron man or superman or sunglasses man or whatever other new superhero movies I've missed, blah blah blah. he keeps telling me how much he wants his iPhone 5S, like thats supposed to mean something to me. hey. my phone lets me make my own ringtones. whenever our members call it plays a hymn in phone tones. i love him, but today we went to a meeting with the elders and elder miller and i were just excited to talk fast armenian, so we let our new companions talk about their mtc hooliganness. its crazy how time and effort combine to change people so quickly. 
   the works going alright, nothing too much to complain about this week but we hoped it wouldve gone better. the mom and son havent met with us all week. she's working crazy hours. the thing is, i feel i've done a pretty good job learning to be patient with armenians, especially investigators. but i need to now learn how to be patient with other missionaries and members that have no patience for investigators. and thats a whole new problem. our member, when he heard the mom was asleep instead of coming to church, suggested we teach about laziness, and throw in all the reasons why the Jehovah's Witnesses are wrong (she's learned about them some) thank you, but no. all she really needs is love, patience, true doctrine, and more effort to be consecrated on our part. 
 but like i said we went to a lesson with the elders today (they found her, she lives right next to our house) and her and her mom said "we want to join your church, is that okay? what should we do?" yep, that is fine with us. the girl works every day, gets one free day a month, but she said she would read and try to make sure that free day was a sunday. the mom will come once the weather warms up, she just had surgery and is still pretty weak. theyre awesome though. Its times like that, when unexpected blessings just fall in your lap, that you realize 1. how important it is to just be a missionary all the time and 2. how pleased the Lord is when you do it. I had another experience like that yesterday, we went to a members who isnt coming to church because no one will come to visit her at home, so we missionaries went over for her birthday. the other 3 elders were on the couch chatting and enjoying cake, the sisters were focused on the member, so i just decided i would chat with her neighbor friend who was just sitting in the corner. we talked about the classic stuff that armenians tend to enjoy discussing with americans who are interested- languages, especially armenian and russian, the soviet times, their lives and how different it is, etc etc. then he told me about how his wife and mother had died within the last 3 months. if i had just preached to him from the start, he probably wouldve shut off. i can chat about normal stuff, but as soon as things got real i told him about the temple and my testimony of it all. then i finished my cake. we're gunna teach him and his son's family this week. 
i love being a missionariy. and i love doing it all the time. sure sometimes i put on jeans to do service and realize how comfortable normal clothes actually are, but i love the white shirt and tie. i love having it tucked in and polishing my shoes, and not just because it makes me look good. most of all i love the tag. 
  you all are awesome. i miss you tons, i hope you have a fantabulously boring week
love elder moore  


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