Monday, February 10, 2014

mi or sirelu

Dear Family and Friends, 
  The title means "a day to love" and I say that because 1. I completely forgot about Valentines Day this week, and 2. I'm so far gone out of good titles. I should've stuck with Chase and been smart- weekly letter ___  
  Anyway no one here cares about Valentines. It reminds me of Elder Bednar when he came to answer questions in our stake and said you could ask him where the sword of Laban is and he would tell you "I dont care, and I dont know why you care!" Seriously though the Armenians have it right. Not only do they not care, but in general they're super classy about affection in public. If people do kiss in public its typically only on the cheek. In general theyre pretty conservative people. I'm gunna miss it. 
 So apparently the Olympics are starting? yeah no one here is going. and my comp's dad told him the Russians are crazy unprepared and everythings chaos. Hearing about it just made me laugh cause none of it surprises me, and then I remembered that the whole world is watching and freaking out. Idk if Armenia sends people, if they do the sports arent big enough or we just arent good enough to get anyone excited. 
  A few people commented on the oil obsession of Armenians- its totally them. They're pretty Orthodox (I think?) they have amazing respect for the sanctuary- good and bad. Bad, some people wont come to church cause it isnt pretty enough of a building. good, they LOVE the Kiev Temple. So pretty.  But yeah this is a people who still burn candles and do animal sacrifices and swear they are the most Christian people on the Earth. not because theyre a bad people, just because they havent been taught that religion should be anything different. you find so many people that want more though, and are willing to act to get it. The Lord is preparing this people like he never has before. 
  Speaking of which, our new investigator is doing awesome. Shes the mom of a 12 year old whos a neighbor of a less active that we found by a miracle. tell me thats a coincidence so i can laugh at you. our less active work that we're actually doing has been really tough- lots of incomplete addresses with no phone numbers, no one knows them, lots of people in Russia, etc. but from our show of diligence the Lord has literally dropped people in our laps, and theyre bringing people with them. the daughter of a new convert family got married a few months ago and her husband told her she couldnt come. this past week she decided to show up and said she was either going to leave him, or bring him to get baptized. 
 anyway this mom is doing great, she loved the 1st lesson. We read her the verse from Amos in the 1st pamphlet about the Apostasy, and she was like "okay, i've heard that exact same verse come from a Jehovah's Witness. why are your messages different and yet based on the same Bible?" she LOVED Elder Callisters example about the need for 2 points, because infinite lines can be drawn through just one. she wanted a BoM, said she would read and pray, came to church, and prayed there too to close Sunday School. 
  so anyway i'm really happy that I stayed here in Gyumri through the transfer. oh yeah and this picture is my new friend and companion, Elder Potter. He just got here from America. Its funny, the last few weeks of the transfer were kinda tough but Pres has known i'd be training for about a month now. So when i saw him he just kinda winked, like yeah dont worry it was all worth it. Its cool, its definitely something im not used to. I remember wanting someone just like me, and now i realize thats terrifying! i forgot to look a year in the past and realize what i was like in my training, and how long it took me to apply what elder maughan taught me. Elder Potters cool, hes ready to work, willing to learn, he just needs to be harnassed (you know, exactly like how i did and still do?) the language is a struggle, but hey, he's in good hands :P and i just learned a ton on patience! its gunna be a good transfer.
 I love you all, I love my mission and this work, and I love the Lord. 
Love Elder Moore
my new friend and companion, Elder Potter

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