Thursday, February 21, 2013

3 More Pdays!

Dear Fam,
  Holy cow we only have 3 more pdays. Thats nuts. And yet, it isnt. It feels like we've been here forever. I no longer meet anyone whos been here longer, theres a few that were here the same day but they leave earlier. So I think we're the veterans. Not like that means anything. Things are going fine. I settled in with a good group of guys to play basketball with. My lessons go a lot better, and my com has more confidence now. We tried teaching our first lesson ever about the Plan of Salvation in Armenian the other day. We actually taught twice the same day. A "14 year old" name Arthur basically, asked me 1. How was Jesus resurrected? like physically how is that possible 2. If God knew they should eat the fruit, why did he tell them not to? 3. Why does the Fall separate us from God? All in the same lesson. Sheesh dude. Take it easy on me haha. If anyone has 3 concrete answers to all those questions in English right now I'll be impressed. Much less Armenian. We've been doing a lot of class time and I've been doing a lot of personal study about the Plan- I think of the lessons its the one you have to know the best to be able to explain clearly and know that they understand it. Its really hard. And then they're like wait where are you getting all this from? And we explain its from our scriptures, not the Bible, and from prophets. So they're like thats awesome, show me where. Safe to say I do not know the scriptures well enough. Yet! Okay I never will. But Im progressing. 
  On a separate note, I have to apologize to my sista. Remember when we kept buying camelbak waterbottles and I told you paying extra money for a chewy thing on the end of it was stupid? I take that back. I got one from teh MTC bookstore with a chewy thing and I freaking love it. I chew on it all day long. Now that said, I only paid like 10 for it and I get 40% off at the bookstore and I havent lost or broken mine so I still win the argument. But I accept that the chewy thing is awesome. 
 I got a number of letters this week and I've lost track of what's what. I know I got cards from Sis Davidson and the Hoffmanns, both awesome. I got a much appreciated package from Matt's family and a letter from Chels. I got a letter from Jed, and a dearelder from Em Smart and Rachel. I think that's it but honestly I cant remember. The days blend so much and Im actually committed to my study time these days so I only write at night or pdays so if you dont get a response Im sorry, but you might never. Oh and Grandma sent me some bubble bath! Haha Im so stoked. Ima take one today (dont worry there will be appropriate pics) Also in regards to the boots, I vote for the ones from Dicks. My shoes are normally a 9.5 or 10 so idk for boots, maybe an 11? Thats my best guess. 
  I dont have anything else this week. Honestly the days are all the same. Thats not to say theyre horrible, just that they're all the same. Oh well
 Love you all. I might be on later today well see. Have a good week

I got to be a ghostbuster this week. fun stuff

Classic flying pictures

Tyler Andersen asked me to send a picture of the Armenian Flag

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