Thursday, February 7, 2013

բարէվ ձէզ իմ ընտանիք. Hopefully that all shows up in  the email/on the blog. just means hello my family. I have nothing else to report except that we heard about the Super Bowl tues- crazy how isolated and locked down this place is. Even the teachers wont speak about it cause they know itll distract you. Anyway sounded like a good game.
  I leave March 18th according to my mailbox. Everyone seems to agree with that, no one's told us otherwise. But it'll all be cleared when/if we get our travel plans which is usually two weeks before so you have time to get a haircut and dry cleaning and what not. My teachers say they've never heard of anyone having trouble getting a visa to Armenia. Anyway the plan will most likely be to call home then assuming the hour isn't ridiculous- if it is I'll just call Tyler Im sure he'll be up. So you can hear my language and bad Armenian accent then. But hey you wont know the difference.
oh and here's everyones name (kinda) in Armenian. Atleast how I think they would spell it
կենեթհ - Kenet huh - its a hard K too. I put the H on the end and they might say TH but they dont have a letter for it so they might just say kenet
տայլեր - Tyler- they dont have an I like it sounds in your name, but the AY together make that sound
ալեքս- Ah leks- again, no long A sound.
իլաին Eee layn - this time I put an Ah and an I (that makes an eee) together, I think they would make the right sound combo
Մոր / մոր is our last name- the first has the M capitalized but I like the lowercase better. Fun fact- that word (sounds like more) means Mother's, or mother put into the possesive case. Therefore I am a Mother's Elder. Coincidence? Ha. I'm on a mission- I don't believe in coincidences.
  I shall leave you with these thoughts for the week
Աստված ձեզ հետ
շատ սիրում եմ քեզ
ես երեց մորն եմ
ուզում եմ լինել Հայաստանում

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