Thursday, February 7, 2013

Well This is awkward

Dear Fam, 
  Nice to hear from you again... oh wait. Tyler wrote me atleast. And grandma. And my friendsies. Anyway I might be on the email again later today. First note- I will not be able to see Aunt Kat at the temple today. One of our new elders in our zone (he's Latvian, going to Greece) is getting his endowment today, so they reserved a session just for our zone and its at a diff time and I wont have time to chat. As far as anything I need, I cant think of anything specific. And if I do see you at the temple they wont let me carry anything back through the gates with me. The Mac and Cheese was MUCH appreciated though. Im so excited to eat some. And I love what Nick sends me. Those make me smile the most I think. 
   This week was tough, but better. I had two great interviews with my teachers and they helped me out a lot with my struggles. My studies are going better. I read Our Search For Happiness this week- its an awesome (and short) read that I recommend to all. It makes me wish I'd read it years ago before non member friends asked me questions about the church. I want to go back and just hand every one of them a copy, it explains things so simply. 
Its hard to explain how the language is going. I pick things up quickly, but theres soooo many aspects of the grammar that I usually mess up. And the vocab is endless. I feel confident in class but then I go to teach a lesson and I feel like a 4 year old. But its gunna be hard, duh, and I gotta keep pushin through. 
  The devotional this week was Elder Don R Clarke, he mentioned Guatemala so idk if Tyler knows who he is (he prob does anyway) but he was awesome. He looks like a nice old man, but he let us have it and made it very clear that we werent doing enough. But then he gave specific ways to be better, here and in the field. He talked a lot about retention, which is the number one prob in Armenia. It was nice not to just be yelled at and then given broad topics to improve- he showed us how it could maybe be done, and most of the ideas I'd never thought of. 
  So all week I was getting 0 mail and getting frustrated. I kept threatening my DL that if he didnt bring me some I'd do unspeakable violent things while he slept- still I got no mail, and since I was making a big deal out of it (kinda, but mostly kidding) they started calling me "Yerets Vosh Poste" or Elder No Mail. But then I got a nice letter from Sis Warnick and an awesome postcard from Sis Davidson (the postcard bit was instructions on how to kick down a door- I found it fitting) please make sure to give them my gratitude. And then the next day i got Katherines package, and letters from Clar, Tommy, Virginia, Lauren, and Alex. All super good. Anyway now they call me Yerets Shot Poste - you can figure that one out. Some of the letters dont have english equivalents but oh well. 
  Nothin else really happened this week- just studying and teaching, with breaks to eat and ball so hard. Some elders going to sweden came and I love playing with them. 
 I have one final addition to my package that will hopefully be sent before I fly home in 2 years- my cow onesie. Last I remember it was under my bed. If it cant be found it shouldnt hold up the package sending,  but i mentioned it to my district and they all demand to see. So I'd like that. 
 Much Love to all- seeroom em dzez, Astvats dez het
Yerets Moore

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