Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey Y'all

Dear Family and Friends and anyone reading, 
   This week was a lot better. Kindof. But overall better. Where to begin..
Oh first of all I love being southern. Im not even that southern, unless I've been hanging out in Georgia for Christmas for a week or so, but compared to everyone here Im pretty southern. The cafeteria had grits the other morning- I convinced my British friend to try some with me. We did grits with lots of cheese and butter, duh, then mixed in some iffy eggs and bacon. You shouldve seen his face before he tried it- he was terrified. Took one bite and he was in heaven. They werent even good grits or eggs or sausage. Thats how good southern cooking is, it can overcome crappy ingredients. The other thing is when we practice grammar- the word dook means you formal or you plural, basic for most languages. But anytime we practice I make sure we say y'all and not you plural. Crazies. 
   In response to the Armenian you sent me, thats incredibly offensive. Just kidding it was only incorrect, and it was kinda close. I cant type Armenian here in the laundry room but it would be doo kuh - leenes for you will be, then whatever adjective. That future tense is conditional too, to make it definite (I def will be awesome) you use "doo leeneloo es" Fun facts. 
  I hosted this week, meaning I picked up new missionaries from the curb and got them to dorms and class and stuff. I thought it would be a lot of fun - false. We got stationed at the bottom of the hill, farthest from the entrace building, and everyone lived on the top floor. But I always demand to carry all the luggage- new missionaries should be treated awesomely in my opinion. My arms were exhausted. The first elder I took got his luggage out and I wanted to ask him how many white shirts he was taking. Holy cow. It was weird to see elders with their families- at first I was like okay suck it up lets gooo but then I realized they hadnt been removed from their family for over a month yet. I didnt have to deal with any moms losin it too bad- with the first elder, they got the stuff out, took a pic or two, then Im sitting there holding the luggage and she's like "Okay what's next" and I try to say as brightly as possible, "now I take him!" She started to lose it then but nothing too bad. I made sure to thank all the parents for letting their kid be God's for the next year or so. 
  The one that took the cake though- this white truck pulls up and a sister gets out. She has two friends dropping her off. The elder next to me was there first so he takes her stuff. As she's walking up the hill I hear her say she's from Vriginia so I yell out no way- I've meet like 3 Va's here so far and there all DC's anyway. So she looks at me and I say Im from Richmond and her and both her friends yell at the same time "RICHMOND!" they apparently were in the Midlothian stake. But then she had to go and the other elder wouldnt let me take her and her two friends had to drive off to make room. It was awesome and then depressing since I couldnt talk to them. 
  Armenian steadily improves- we dont learn too much. I speak it a lot more during the day though and that helps a lot. Two screw ups I had in lessons this week, one of them pretty funny- we're teaching this investifaker named Artoor, its the 4th lesson and he's still too shy to pray in front of us. So we prep this awesome lesson, creating a need for him to do it (big thing I learned this week- if you can show them the need for them to, they might actually do it) Anyway we teach about the gold plates and the BoM and what it is and how he can know the truth about basically anything- then we ask him to pray. He says "Im shy, but do I only have to ask God that one question?" - I instead hear "I,m too shy, and I have to think of questions to ask God" so I plow ahead and challenge him to read and pray about it later that day- he accepts. But then Bro White explained what he'd actually said and that he def wouldve prayed. Bleh. So frustrating. But not that big a deal, just taught me not to assume I understand. The funny one was the lesson before that- he wouldnt pray, so I wanted to read him Mosiah 24:12- Alma and his people offered prayers in their hearts and God heard it. Perfect. Instead I read him Alma 24 12- The capital A and capital M look very similar, and we were running out of lesson time. It basically talks about their swords being bright with blood of their brothers. Casual. He reads it, looks at me, and I say in awesome Armenian " we REALLY want you to pray" I was surprised he kept a straight face- he didnt say anything till after and I bout lost it. It was pretty funny. 
   Our lessons are going a lot better, but Im in a dilemma. The new teaching comp I have is my actual comp and he's lacking in confidence. He stutters a bit so he always feels the need to repeat himself, and it takes him like 6 tries to get a sentence out. Plus everyone's grammar is still pertty bad in the moment. So he doesnt want to talk very much- we have a lesson plan like 2 days in advance and I say okay pick what you'll say and then I check in an hour before we teach and he doesnt have anything. So I teach the entire lesson, its only 20 min, and he testifies here and there. Heres the problem- the lessons are going really well. We have one fake baptismal commitment and the kid Artoor is coming along great. I dont think any of that is from me- our teachers realized this week we need a lot of help with how to teach the gospel, not Armenian. So i applied what we learned and its great. I dont think my teachers put me with him to talk the whole time and act like a senior comp, because its the MTC, they arent real investigators, and everyone needs a lot of practice. But i dont want to back to frustratingly slow and jumbled lessons. I'll let you know how it all turns out. 
  Oh by the way happy Valentines day. I thought it would be depressing but its actually better since I never had a girl on valentines anyway, now I just blame the fact that Im a missionary, not that women dont want me. I got a nice valentines card from the Dials. Sister Bleyl sent me valentines stuff a few weeks ago- those mint brownies never stood a chance of lasting. I actually shared a few with my friends (see I am getting better at Charity and loving others) but then the rest got destroyyed for breakfast lunch and dinner. I got the cookies Sis Anderson and the girls sent- the bread did seem to keep em freshy fresh but they got smashed up a lot. So now I pour some in a bowl with some milk and have cookie cereal. I got some other letters, all nice. If someone wrote more than 2 weeks ago and wanted a response and didnt get one, ive probably forgotten. I cant keep track of mail. But the trophy this week goes to Grandma for sending me SEES CHOCOLATES. Oh my gosh I bout fainted when I saw them. I hadnt even thought about them for years. I never offered them to anyone and they all knew enough to stay away. Those mineee and they are delish magish to the max at
  Few last things- The list Sis Anderson sent me looks pretty legit, I think that's everything. Except for bubble bath. But maybe grandma could send me that. The Armenian i sent you last week was 
God be with you
I love you all lots
I am Elder Moore
I want to be in Hayastan- thats Armenia
Love you all. If I think of anything else I might get to send another, I also want to send a few pics later. 
Love Jerm

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