Monday, June 24, 2013

Another day another 250 dram

Dear Family and Friends, 
  Still not too much happy news, so just more fun stuff this week. I may be a bit scatterbrained, Elder Marco and I just got nailed with double bad news- I heard Alex Rogers is engaged (that can definitely stay out of the blog) but worse we just heard that Elder Marcos friend from high school that he sent his missionaries to, after first being really interested, says he found out its not true. So we're pretty bummed and a little distracted. Everythings really been piling up on us lately but were trying hard to stay patient and endure while learning. I feel like the climax of the patience test for us was yesterday- while expecting 7 or 8, no investigators came to church, and the members were the worst i've remembered in a while about being noisy and irreverent and not contributing anything. our recent convert whos the 1st counselor came late, left after sacrament, and stopped reading his scriptures. our recent convert whos the  2nd counselor is doing a lot better, so naturally he's leaving for Russia to actually get work (theres not much in Arm, a lot go to Russia- its a lot like Mexico and USA) He'll be there for 3 months. So church didnt go well. Then we had no meetings, and to top it off while walking around we had kids following us and trying to speak english. normally thats annoying but they give it up, but these kids followed us for a good 2 miles and actually interupted us while trying to talk to people. I felt like it was the ultimate test of patience.. but i felt that after we failed. we spoke to them strongly in armenian, and then in english, and then tried to outrun/out maze them around until we went to our apartment. it was embarassing how dumb we felt when it was all over and done. theres been plenty ive had to learn, but i think im in Char primarily to learn patience. 
   anyway on to fun stuff. i havent seen or heard about the missionary seminar thing. haha were still waiting to get conference magazines (we have seen it though, whew) as for internet stuff, i doubt well be included in that for a long time seeing as we go to internet cafes to email and thats the only internet around. but well see. i really dont want it to though. weve been on facebook a few times to help members get it sorted out (they like it, but dont use it very well) and it just always feels like a waste of time. not that i wont be happy to get back on and update everything and get reconnected, i just want that to be in 1.5 years when im released. i really have grown my appreciation for how special this time is that ive been given to devote everything. but what i will never get back and do is play Sims haha. that is not a good game in my mind. anyway. 
  i dont really have much to respond about girls camp, but i hope you girls know i do appreciate hearing details from the week even if i dont say much back. hope the summer is a great one. crazy things comin up in Armenia- Pres Carter goes home next week, July 2 is my 6 month mark, and the first sunday in July is Water Day, super stoked for that. 
  funny news from Armenia this week is about their superstitions/quirky things. kinda like finding headsup pennies and throwing salt and stuff. apparently if you have something in your eye/eyelash/brow, and someone notices but you dont, they ask you "which eye?" and you have to guess where it is, after making a wish. i was supperr confused the first time it happened to me cause i hadnt heard, and Armen just kept asking which eye and i wasnt sure if i was misunderstanding or had missed something that had just been said or what. 
second one is apparently if your nose itches it means rains coming. not much else to it, super weird. ha. 
  oh one question is about my camera, i was trying to figure out the panorama function at lake Sevan, and cant figure it out. maybe you could send me some instructions to print for the Nikon Coolpix S4300 panorama. i really do love this camera (sorry i dont send pics home more often) 
  Im gunna send you part of the letter i sent Pres Carter for his last letter from me, about why im here in Char. I wanted you all to read it. i really have grown such a love for my mission, since being here but also the time its been really hard has made that love grow. I mention the mission being the life changing process it needs to be- my vision for my after mission life has honestly shot up. not like MIT and being rich or being a 70 or anything, just what im going to expect from myself. i still want to go to BYU and have tons of fun and have fun at home and be a pretty normal person, but i also have new goals like reading a teachings book from every prophet, and how i want to spend my sundays, and mostly just the person i want to be. its honestly been great to have the Spirit in my life and have that raise my expectations of myself. now i have a year and a half to take the small steps every day that have to be taken to make me that person i need to be in 1 1/2 years, ready to keep growing. 
  i love you all very very much
elder moore

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