Monday, June 24, 2013

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like i said, this is to pres carter for his last letter. ill miss him so much

I wanted to thank you for sending me to Charentsavan. At first I just thought it was cool that I was in Elder Marco's district and working with him, while living in his old apartment under the same trainer. I liked Elder Maughan for being a good friend with incredible language skills and a lot of experience to learn from. When he left I was happy to serve with a good friend and knew we would have fun. But over the past few weeks I've grown so much more appreciation for why I was sent here. First and most important, I know I was sent here to help these people. To learn such love and patience for members from Armen's example, and to grow to love these specific people. The desire to help them has increased my drive to be completely obedient, to be sacrificial and consecrated, but ultimately to make my mission the life changing process I now realize it has to be if I can always live worthy of the trust of these Armenians, my friends and family at home, my future family, and the Lord. But I've also grown a great appreciation for my companions. I realized I was put with Elder Maughan to learn a lot through deep discussions, drawing on his experience, and shaping the way I want to do missionary work. But I also realized I was put with him to help him through his trials at the end of his mission. I realized I was put with him because I have the potential to be ready to help my trainer before my training even ended, and that the Lord was showing me my potential and hoping I would grow up fast and seize the opportunity. I've come to understand that I wasn't just put with Elder Marco to be with a friend, and since it was a logical solution with Charentsavan. I realized I'm here because Elder Marco and I are both going through hard times in our mission, and the friendship we already had has made it possible for us to rely on each other early and also be very straightforward and honest with each other, to help each other be the best we can be. 
   I want to thank you for all you've done for me in the short time I've been able to serve under you. The advice and comfort and love you've given me have helped me, but it goes beyond that. The mission culture you spent the incredible effort to establish and maintain is a mission culture that I desperately needed to be a part of as a young arrogant stubborn 20 year old kid thinking he knew exactly how his mission was going to play out before it even started. While I will embrace President Carlson with love and willingly adapt to any changes he makes, I will always remember the changes that have happened in my heart as a result of the mission culture you've created, and the incredible missionaries that are a part of it. I will forever be grateful, and I hope that you and Sister Carter have a good experience going home, feeling the immense love and gratitude this mission and the Lord feel for you both. I wish you success in all endeavors after this mission. I love you and Sister Carter very much. 

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