Monday, June 3, 2013

Hey Hey

Dear Family, 
  Unfortunately I wont be sending pics from Lake Sevan this week. Im not even sure if im doing it right though, did you get the pics i sent a few weeks ago? 
 I was sending the weekly letter home a few hours ago and the power to the internet cafe we were in cut, so thats why you didnt see this till now. sorry for the delay
  Transfers! Elder Maughan is in America. He left Thursday, stayed in Yerevan at the mission home, flew out Friday morning. It turned the week into kinda a crazy one. He did take home some trinkets for me that are for summer bdays and fathers day, idk when he'll send it but hopefully soon so it beats Alex's birthday. big 17. nothing tooo special about that, but any burfday is a good one. dont go see rated R movies to celebrate. just eat 17 chipotle burritos. 
  Anyywayy the transfer did end up the predictable, somewhat boring, but ultimately desired way. I am staying in Charentsavan with Elder Marco as my senior companion. You (besides Chase) dont know Elder Marco, we were friends at BYU, but he's awesome. Super good dedicated missionary. Really really good speaker for only his 3rd transfer. And we both know the city/branch pretty well. We're super excited to serve together, especially cause theres no awkward phase of figuring out what the other is like and the weird things they do. Elder Marco and I did realize we were almost too good of friends, and committed to not spending too much time talking about BYU stuff or people that we know. It isnt a bad thing, just not the best use of time. 
  That being said, this week was rough. The first half, besides Lake Sevan (which is beautiful by the way) was super distracting with Elder Maughan packing and being so close to home. He did good staying diligent to the end, but it was impossible not to talk about home and it was hard for me, not being out very long and not used to homesickness quite yet. During the transfer E Marco and I had to spend some time closing the other Char apartment, were the only 2 here now. And then the rest of the week we just had everything fall through. We have 3 serious investigators- one is a 17 year old kid, our new baptizee's son. But he is 17, and even though he likes what we teach he doesnt really want to put in effort for reading, praying, coming to church, or meeting with us. the other is a man E Marco was teaching who was working all week. And the other was a man Kamo I found last week, who was very different this time we met than last time. He went from honestly seeking truth to having a bunch of random and unimportant concerns and reasons not to read the BoM. We addressed them all, but he wont have the faith to try our message. All other appts fell through multiple days. we were still diligent in going out and talking, but no one wanted to talk to us. This Sunday there were a few bright rays, some potential investigators seeming kinda interested. We'll see what happens. But to reach our yearly baptismal goal before July 1 as a mission, every companionship needs to baptize once this month. That was making us really anxious with the way thigns were going. But i realized anxiety is the antithesis of fear. We need to be urgeny and dedicated, but not anxious. We have to do everything we possibly can but then ultimately trust the Lord to come through. He didnt put two young friends alone in Char to have the progress we've been making halt and fail. We can do it, if we are worthy of His help and trust him.

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