Monday, June 17, 2013

oh hey its my burfday

Dear Family and Friends, 
  Bday on a pday is super nice, cause you just treat it like any other day so i do get to relax atleast a little. Im wearing my bday tie, which is one from Pres Carter that he wore himself. Im eating my last precious box of mac and cheese to celebrate, playing some Nardi with Elder Marco, and napping. Armenians call down crazy blessings when its your bday thats been fun. I still havent gotten my package but i havent been to the mission office in a bit and probably wont go for another 2 weeks, but oh well. Anyway thats my bday, back to work. 
   A NEW STAKE IN ZION! We had District Conference yesterday, which became Stake Conference. Elder Nelson came to organize the first stake in the country he dedicated for the preaching of the gospel 22 years ago. What a blessing. Now we have a patriarch, so people can get their blessings without having to know Russian well enough. 5 new wards, Char isnt one but now were motivated to get the 10 more Melch Priesthood holders and activity we need to become one. It really was a special day and a great blessing. 
 I want to share something Sis Nelson said- with Ararat always seen from Yerevan, we are constanty reminded of the necessary baptism by immersion the Earth needed, just like we all need to be baptized by immersion. But unforunately after being immersed in water, we fail to immerse our lives in the gospel and instead only sprinkle sometimes. even if it can only been reading the Ensign, we need daily nourishment. 
  After conference we ate lunch and then had an even more special opporunity. The 60 of us sat in a small room with Elder and Sis Nelson, Elder Malm from our area pres, and the Carters. We all got to shake his hand and say hello, ask him some questions, and learn from his immense wisdom and all the others as well. It was incredible. Something I want to share from that meeting- he read D&C 31 with us, addressed to Thomas Marsh, but applicable to all. It says his family will be blessed, and Elder Nelson promised us ours were being as well. I know thats true, I saw it when Tyler served, nd Im confident the Lord blesses my family regardless of how not great of a speaker/teacher i am, and how inadequate i feel at times. I know He blesses them- what I want is for YOU, family, to take 2 min before nightly prayer and see the hand of the Lord in your lives on a day to day basis, and then be specifically thankful for that. 
  Anyway Sunday was amazing. Nothing was really done for Father's day unfortunately. Im so grateful for my dad, for the friend and support and example he is, and everything he does for our family. 
   Anyway other news. The work in Char is still struggling but we still remain optomistic. Funny story- We had visited a family on the 8th floor of a building and elder marco was overlooking the city from there when the elevator came, so i jumped in and closed in on him. It took a minute to get back up to the 8th floor. he asked why i didnt just hit stop and come back up faster, and i said i dont trust armenian elevators. to show i was being silly, he jammed the stop button (we stopped) but then when we hit a new floor button, nothing happened, and the lights went out. I was pretty freaked for a good 30 sec until the power came back. the nearest elders are 30 min away, pres carters like 45 min away, and i did not want to spend the night in a tiny elevator. it was ultimately super funny though. 
  got asked an interesting question this week- we were doing a lesson with our new member about the church org. to prep for Elder Nelson coming. She asked why there are 70 members of the quorum of the 70 (the name obv follows the number) we said Jesus did it that way, but she wanted to know why. Couldnt find an answer. 
   Anyway have a great week. I need to take more pics of myself here cause i dont have any new ones to send home. I love you all. Be good, be grateful. 
Love Elder Moore

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