Monday, March 3, 2014


Dear Family and Friends, 
  I HAVE MUD ON MY THIGHS. How is that possible? the members all get mad at us cause we keep tracking mud into the church (atleast its not a carpeted floor) sorry people, its your city's fault, and we're out talking to people all day! haha crazies. anyway it finally warmed up, I'm back to my favorite look of long white shirt only , but it is mud city. literally mud everywhere, where there isnt mud there's puddles that cars drive through and get your glasses muddy. i keep using the mud as a conversation starter, asking when itll dry up, but they just laugh at me. awesome. 
  other than the mud, things are going well. our mother and son agreed to be baptized on the 29th. they like it, they like churhc and liked the elders baptism this weekend. their concerns are a lot of reasonable concerns that investigators have in armenia a lot as the church grows slowly but surely- the members. Alma 4:10 is a rough way to put it, but its the most accurate sometimes. we have rowdy members, some hate each other, refuse to turn their phones off, argue over points of doctrine and both are wrong, etc. etc. its not like thats every one of our members, but its enough to bother investigators, and you can't blame them. its sad when someone can't focus on the doctrine of the church and realize they are the ones that need to help us make the change. anyway this mom and son are kinda getting that, they'll overcome it. the real issue is she's still investigating three other churches- she told us she wasn't a church person until a short while ago, and when she decided to look for a church 4 (including us) found her within a month. i respect her ability to decide, but the problem is shes not reading the BoM. if she would, it would disappear quietly. if she doesnt, we'll never convince her cause thats not what we do, and i refuse to get into the ring with other faiths. so pray for her. 
 other than that things are going well. trainings hard. really hard. but elder potters fired up about little things that i had gotten lazy over, so thats good. he makes me call everyone we've ever talked to constantly. i'd be a lot happier if he could call them haha, but its a good thing. and i'm getting good advice from my leader, and a lot of good advice from my trainer (mostly all the things i did that he had to deal with!) but the work is going well and it still has farther to go, so thats whats really exciting. zone conference this week will be just what i need to get back to A game. 
  love you all! not too much to say this week but thats not a bad thing. i'm healthy, even though these crazies keep stuffing me full of oil soaked food. 
have a fantasmazing week
love elder moore


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