Monday, March 17, 2014

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It's Fat Elder Moore 
  Dear Family and Friends, 
   Yeah I was losing weight. Then Elder Potter showed up. We buy like 3 containers of butter a week, he makes popcorn every night to celebrate the fact that planning is over, etc etc etc. not that i couldn't still be healthy, its just a lot easier when your companion eats like a bird and doesn't cover everything in salt. ill get back on it though. 
  im gunna try to finish up a little quick and send a bunch of pictures, its been a while. plus theres not too much going on today, good news mostly. tuesday we had pres bennett come to yerevan and teach us how to shift our mindset into one of teaching- we don't go contacting on the street anymore, we go teaching. it hit me. i didn't write a ton of notes down, and the predominant thought was "now I have more work to do solo as a trainer" but i remember being hit with the feeling that this was going to change my mission if i would work hard at it. that specific thought. and the early results are good. i had slipped a bit and shifted my head that i was going to find people to teach, not just to talk and chat with and get a phone number from or tell to stop smoking. to teach. elder bennett promised us there were hundreds in our city that are ready to be taught.  we found 5 new investigators this week, the most for us in atleast 2 months. i actually said prayers with people on the street. i taught a lesson right in front of the armenian church haha. it was really cool. 
  our investigators are starting to progress. we brought one of our strongest members who decided to let us take the night off and teach the whole time to our mom and son preparing for the 29th. she was teaching and testifying and committing and it was all exactly what the mom needed. she read a few chapters in the BoM already and came to church early. she can make it. 
  our other investigator got his marriage license and decided he didnt really care what day his baptism was, so he's looking solid for the middle of april and also has great help from his member wife and our mission leader, who lives across the hall. all way cool stuff. 
   this week i lovedd my studies and listening to speeches from BYU. I studied the doctrine, the actual WHY, of conversion. not the applications (keeping commandments, making covenants, not sinning, etc.) or the principles of changing our lives and giving them to the Lord, but the why of was way cool. and i did the same for repentance, with a lot learned. 
 final thoughts about how awesome the gospel and missionary work is- President Bennett gave us a crazy challenge to promise people better and bolder blessings. he said the Lord will back you up, and I'm confident He'll back me up as I say this- offer cooler promises. so i thought about that a lot, and decided to offer my companion and district a promise from the final verses in Alma 31- focus all your efforts on the Lord, and dont worry about what you wear or eat. and as i was preparing a promise i realized i could back it up because its happened to me. i've tried to forget myself, and literally been less hungry, and cared less about food, and less about what i wear, and less about sleeping, and i've run off less sleep doing more work than i thought i could for a whole year. the all things are spiritual- all things, even food and sleep, and thats why it seems like the Lord is so quick to bless us temporally as well as spiritual- because its all connected. 
  stay too legit to quit
love elder moore
Mom and Son

Our Last District and two members

How my mornings go

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