Monday, March 24, 2014

We busy

Dear Family and Friends, 
   I keep reading other missionaries emails that say they have so little time and basically just wonder what other people do on preparation day. we have no where to play sports, our zones are too far away to do activities, and there isn't that much to go see. plus no temple or anything. so idk. that being said, im gunna go quick this week cause i need the pc time to organize my pics a little bit. and i dont have much news. 
   so the main news of the week is mother and son, who are boggling our minds and stressing us out at the same time. they havent put forth the amount of effort needed, so they dont know if joseph smith was a prophet or if the book of mormon is true, and they didnt come to church yesterday and dont really feel bad about it. BUT, if you ask them about their baptism saturday, theyre super stoked and really want to make it (they dont really realize they may not make it) i honestly dont get it. we always try to help people realize they get baptized for the remission of sins, not just to join a church they like, but they've taken that and run. they dont like the members or church that much. seriously they drive me crazy. but the mom, who has some sort of chronic illness, said a few weeks ago she told God if she didnt get sick before the 29th she would take that as a sign that this was His church and be faithful in it forever. so with our leaders advice we're just trying to fuel that and get them as prepared as we can. if we dont feel shes ready we'll have to wait a week or two to show her we're serious, but she could make saturday. so pray for her to stay healthy and wear out the book of mormon!
  no other news. we're staying pretty busy with meetings and branch stuff. this week we'll be in yerevan twice or thrice. trainings hard, getting kinda harder. im pretty happy with how things are though. 
   anyway i hope you all  have awesome weeks. miss you all tons, but this work is so great!!!
love yeretz avelin

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