Monday, March 10, 2014

New Frames

Dear Family and Friends, 
   I don't know why but I've honestly been bored these past few weeks. Sure, I get to laugh at Elder Potter and all the things he isn't used to, then laugh at myself for being used to it, but I've been in a rhthym/funk that just feels dangerous even though nothings wrong, I'm still obedient and trying to work hard, especially in training. it's tough to push myself in the language, especially when im constantly in a state of half english half armenian, trying to explain things to elder potter, push him to speak armenian, and still talk to armenians. the days just arent that long anymore, especially with our extra study time, and any disappointments dont really last past the day. i dont know, its a good thing but im looking for ways to just make this work harder for me, because i know theres more that can be done. 
  anyway i got new glasses this week. they're pretty hip (thats a thing, right?) my old ones were scratched up, i wanted to get my eyes checked and have good glasses to give my eyes a rest from contacts. funny thing- they had me look at the chart, and all the letters are in Russian. i know them, thankfully, but theres two letters- H, which is their N, and then a backwards N, which is their I. There was a H and N one after another, and I called them both Hs (Ns) stay with me- she didnt realize I got it wrong, she thought i knew the H was an N but not that the backwards N was an I, that I thought it was also an N. so she told me i just didnt know the letters, and missed the fact that I actually could not see them that well. it's okay i figured it out. living in a country with three different main language problems. they look good though, took a little adjusting to slightly stronger lenses, but im happy with them. 
  other news, it was Womens Day this week- not Mothers Day, Womens day. I said "Congratulations on being female" they thought that was funny. we got flowers to give to our members- in Armenia an odd number of flowers is for happy things, even for bad, like deaths. which worked fine, we just gave out 1. i knew that, what i didnt know is apparently white flowers are also only for sad occasions. too bad, we handed out like 15. American style- take whatever we want and make it our own. 
  the week was pretty slow, our investigators were all busy. the mom was only free saturday, and just wanted the sisters to make brownies with her for womens day, then she didnt come to church and hasnt touched the Book of Mormon. she can still make the 29th, but only with the help of Heaven. we're working on creating a blind branch (okay hes only the 2nd one, but still) with the husband of a member. our blind member we work with all the time showed us his English braille BoM (dont ask me why they gave it to him, he doesnt understand a word) its HUGE. a giant binder, big pages, and like 400 of them make up the start- 2 Ne 12. craziness. we were thinking about having him start writing the Arm braille BoM, since he can, and if we dont have meetings he just sits home all day. but he doesnt want to. lame. 
  this week we had zone conference, they asked elder marco and i to teach about teaching to meet needs. it was a lot of fun to teach with him again even if it was to americans . it was cool though, and Pres Bennet from the Area Pres is coming this week too. should be fun. 
  I love you all, hope you all have a great week. WHY is it still snowing there? you're the best
love elder moore


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